Fracking verdict tabled today

  • 26/11/2012

The verdict on fracking in New Zealand will be announced later today.

Arguments around the controversial process of extracting oil and gas could not be further apart.

David Robinson from the trade association PEPANZ, which represents oil and gas explorers, says fracking poses no harm and offers huge financial gains.

"The process has been done in New Zealand for many, many years, and what we've seen is that it has been done properly, and when it's done properly, these studies all around the world are coming out saying it can be done safely."

But the Green party's Gareth Hughes accuses the oil industry of getting its facts wrong and burying its head in the sand.

"What we know is that it hasn't been well-regulated in New Zealand," he says.

"We have seen some very significant environmental harm from fracking overseas."

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's preliminary report will be tabled in Parliament this afternoon

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source: newshub archive

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