Free diving champion William Trubridge helps endangered Hector's dolphins

  • 08/03/2012

By Annabelle Tukia

The world's best free diver, New Zealand's William Trubridge, has made a video he hopes will shed light on the plight of the endangered Hector's dolphins.

Shot at the bottom of the ocean, it is a video that could only be made by a man able to hold his breath under water for up to seven minutes.

The 15-times world champion free diver says the endangered Hector's dolphin is on the brink of extinction and after conquering the ocean’s depths Trubridge is now out to save the world’s smallest dolphin.

“We don’t have long to fix this – saving this species is a race against time,” he says.

Shot on the ocean floor without any breathing apparatus, Trubridge calls for a ban on gill net fishing and trawling in shallow New Zealand waters where the surviving 7000 Hectors dolphins live.

Just last month two Hector's dolphins washed up on a Canterbury beach wrapped in fishing net – and DOC says it is great to have someone like Trubridge highlighting the issue.

“It’s good that New Zealanders can learn a little more about the mammals that are around the coast,” says Bryan Jenkins of DOC.

And while Trubridge goes to great depths to publicise the dolphins' plight, DOC says it will take all the help it can get to save this unique species.

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source: newshub archive

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