Giant squid found off Kaikoura coast

  • 03/02/2013

There's been a rare discovery making quite a buzz in Kaikoura today.

A giant squid weighing around 150kg has been found floating dead in the sea by a couple fishing off the Kaikoura coast. The creature appeared to have been attacked. 

Pictures of the rare giant squid were up on YouTube almost as soon as it was landed in South Bay.

It took about an hour to tow into the port, after being found by a couple who had fished off the coast for more than 20 years.

The 8-metre creature was missing a tentacle and part of its head after apparently being attacked by something at sea.

Just last month pictures were released of a giant squid filmed off the coast of Japan, the first time a live one's been caught on camera.

Researchers used a glass capsule to descend 700m under the sea, with a lure designed to look like a jellyfish. It attracted a giant squid 9m long, exciting scientists.

Two years ago a giant squid washed up on the beach near Wellington, the unusual sea creature attracting a lot of curiosity.

New Zealand fishing vessels have landed two of the world's largest colossal squids. They are even bigger, weighing well over half a tonne, and would devour a human in seconds.

What remains of this latest catch has now been taken to the town's aquarium; no doubt scientists will be keen to have a look.

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source: newshub archive