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Kung Fu Panda? Rare bear shows off skills

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012 10:59 a.m.

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More than 200,000 people have watched a video posted on YouTube of a rare Russian bear playing with a wooden stick.

The bear twirls the stick like a "real master of kung fu," according to the website of the Royev Ruchei Zoo in Krasnoyarsk where the bear lives.

The amateur video shows Pamir the bear rocking the stick from side to side and around his neck, passing it from hand to hand and twisting it in front of him, while a voice off camera says "Kung Fu Panda!"

Parmir is a rare white claw bear, a subspecies of the Asian brown bear which are small and yellowish and natives of forests in the Central Asian Himalayan and Tian Shan mountain ranges. The bears do not hibernate like their brown Russian cousins.

Pamir came to Royev Ruchei in 2006 from a zoo in Ekaterinburg.

The zoo website says Pamir has played with the staff since he was a cub, but also likes to play with "cans, boards, baseball bats and with a jet of cold water from a hose".


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