Paralysed dog walks after stem cell treatment

  • 19/11/2012

British scientists have developed a pioneering treatment for spinal injuries, which has helped dogs walk again and could offer the same hope for humans.

The paralysed dogs were given an injection of their own stem cells into the injured part of their back. In time this helped fix the damage done to their spines.

Daschund Jasper lost the use of his back legs because of damage to his spinal cord and could only move with a harness.

Cells from the lining of his nose were injected into the injury area and he now walks unassisted.

The nose cells used in the transplant are special because their job is to maintain a pathway between the nose and the brain.

Scientists discovered they assist regeneration of parts of nerve cells that transmit signals and so help form a bridge between the damaged and undamaged spinal cord tissue.


They are cautiously optimistic this treatment could be used on humans.

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source: newshub archive