Shock over accidental catch rates

  • 13/02/2013

A new report has revealed almost 70 dolphins and more than 300 fur seals were accidently caught in our waters by the fishing industry in just one season.

Conservation groups are shocked, saying urgent changes are needed.

The Ministry of Primary Industries sent observers out with fisherman back in 2010, and they have just produced a report estimating 376 fur seals, 29 sea lions and 64 dolphins were caught.

The vast majority of them died or were badly injured.

The Greens say urgent action is needed.

“Hopefully it's a wakeup call for the Government and they can put some steps in place to reduce this needless death in our trawling fisheries,” says Green Party MP Gareth Hughes.

The newly appointed Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, wouldn't say if 64 dolphins being caught was too high.

The Government has already put heat on the fishing industry, banning foreign charter vessels because it says they are doing damage to our international reputation.

This report isn't going to help that either.

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source: newshub archive

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