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Snow and ice mean Happy Feet gets a swim

Monday 25 Jul 2011 2:17 p.m.

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By James Murray

Snow and cold weather has disrupted the plans of many in New Zealand today, but one well-loved bird made hay while the snow fell.

Happy Feet the emperor penguin was allowed out for a swim today as the temperature of the Wellington Zoo pool is now cold enough.

Workers at the zoo had wanted to let him swim but the ambient temperature of the pool was too high.

Air conditioning experts had been brought in to help, but until today Happy Feet was confined to his box room and pile of ice.

Today's antarctic weather has turned Happy Feet's swimming prospects on their head though.

The penguin appeared to appreciate being able to see the sky after being couped up in his enclosure for so long.

Happy turned up at Peka Peka Beach in June - he is the first emperor penguin to swim to New Zealand from antarctica for 44 years.

Happy Feet will go for his swim at 2:30pm - we will have video as soon as we can.

Click here to watch our Happy Feet live stream.

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