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VIDEO: Chilly chimps wrap up, drink tea

Friday 25 Jan 2013 9:15 a.m.

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As parts of the UK shiver under a cold snap, chimpanzees at an ape and monkey sanctuary in Wales are wrapping themselves in blankets and drinking hot tea to keep warm.

Many of the apes would normally be basking in the heat of the rainforests in the wild, but this week could be seen at the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in Caehopkin near Swansea, shivering under their blankets as zoo keepers kept them topped up with a hot brew.

One particular monkey won't go outside in the current weather without her blanket. As her keeper explained, it's because she lived in a house for much of her life.

"She lived in a house for about 29 years when she was a youngster, so it's just what she's been used to,” said zookeeper Jan Garen. “And she enjoys having a blanket, it doesn't do her any harm so if she wants one to keep warm she can have one."


Reuters / 3 News


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