VIDEO: Dolphin approaches divers for help

  • 25/01/2013

A group of divers was expecting to see dozens of manta rays during a night swim in Hawaii, but instead was treated to a different kind of interaction.

While off the Kona coast on January 11, they were approached by a dolphin tangled in fishing line, which appeared to be asking for help getting free.

The dolphin got so close to diver Keller Laros that he was able to see the line between the animal’s mouth and pectoral fine.

“I gestured with my index finger [to say], ‘Come here’, and he swam right up to me,” said Mr Laros.

“The fact that he approached me closer was a surprise, but the fact that he seemed to recognise my gesture – that blew me away.”

The dolphin rolled over on its side to help Mr Laros reach the line and he immediately got to work, using the scissors on his dive knife to cut it.

The dolphin went to the surface for more air then swam back down to Mr Laros so he could remove the rest of the line, before it swam away.

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source: newshub archive