Where will the Tongariro ash cloud go?

  • 21/11/2012

By 3 News online staff

Most of the ash from today’s Mount Tongariro eruption is expected to fall locally, but some is likely to drift anwywhere from Taupo to Hawkes Bay.

There are currently light south-westerly winds in the region, according to WeatherWatch. This means the ash will be pushed in an easterly direction – away from the main route that airlines fly across the North Island, to the west of Mt Tongariro, but towards State Highway 1, the Desert Road.

The forecast for coming days shows light winds are expected to continue, but WeatherWatch advises that strong smelling gases may travel much further than the ash itself.

Farmers and those who rely on rain water near the mountain, or in the potential path of ash fall, have also been advised by WeatherWatch to disconnect rainwater tanks.

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source: newshub archive