Destiny's political motivation made clearer

  • 07/06/2011

By Patrick Gower

Politicians from a variety of backgrounds are defending themselves over a weekend visit to Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church.

And the bishop's motivation for inviting them became clear today – he wants taxpayer's money for his social programmes and schools.

The politicians were also preying on the votes of Destiny's 8000 members.

The church will not have its own political party at this election.

Destiny was refused some of the $134 million Whanau Ora Taskforce given out to private providers.

But now it has some major backers in its corner.

Hone Harawira says he knows the Government gives funding to “Catholics, Presbyterians and Anglicans – it’s kind of strange that they won't give it to destiny”.

But there is nothing strange about why politicians are getting cosy up to this controversial church.

It has 8000 mainly Maori votes that could change the political destiny of Auckland’s two Maori seats.

Watch the video for the full story.

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source: newshub archive