Goff moves to shore up Cosgrove's support

  • 23/11/2011

By Peter Wilson, Political Writer

Labour leader Phil Goff heads to Christchurch on Thursday to shore up support in a seat his party could lose.

He's backing up Waimakariri MP Clayton Cosgrove in an electorate where National's private polling is understood to show cabinet minister Kate Wilkinson, a list MP in the last Parliament, is in the lead.

Christchurch is a Labour stronghold but some electorate boundaries have changed and the earthquake is having an impact on voter opinions - no party is sure what to expect.

He's also visiting railway workshops in Hillside, where there's strife over redundancies and the hiring of casual workers.

The Greens are wrapping up their campaign on Thursday in Auckland with a day to spare, confident their rise in the polls will carry through to election night.

Co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei will both speak at a Queen St theatre.

ACT leader Don Brash will wind up his party's Wellington region campaign at a restaurant in the capital - he has nothing to be confident about after a poll on Wednesday showed ACT support at 0.7 per cent, in line with other surveys which have it below the 1 per cent mark.

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Prime Minister John Key is spending the last two days of the campaign travelling around on National's campaign bus, taking a message to voters that the election result could be closer than they think.

Although National has a huge lead over Labour - 54 per cent against 26 per cent in Wednesday's poll - he's worried about complacency and is urging all the party's supporters to make sure they make it to the ballot boxes.

National's private polling shows its support at just below 50 per cent, TV3 reported on Wednesday night.

That doesn't stack up with most published polls which have it comfortably over 50 per cent and Mr Key may just be playing it safe.


source: newshub archive