Green candidate votes for Labour opponent

  • 24/11/2011

In an unusual tactical voting move, a Green Party MP has voted for an opponent instead of for himself, to try and stop National winning their electorate.

The Green Party's West Coast-Tasman candidate Kevin Hague revealed on Twitter that he had cast his electorate vote for Labour's Damien O'Connor, and his party vote for the Greens.

Mr O'Connor is hoping to win back the electorate, which he held since 1993, before losing to National's Chris Auchinvole in 2008.

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Mr O'Connor has staked his political future on winning the electorate, as he is not standing on Labour's list.

After being accused of a "dirty deal" over his voting move, Mr Hague tweeted: "Not a case of obligation, just realism: Damien or Chris will win the seat. I think Damien better."

He told NZ Newswire there was "no deal at all", like National and ACT's deal for the Epsom seat.

National was asking for party votes only there, to enable ACT's John Banks to win the electorate and keep his party in parliament.

Mr Hague says there's no such strategy in West Coast-Tasman.

"I'm not saying because this is how I've voted, this is how other people should vote," he says.

"What I've said all along is `I am asking for your party vote, when it comes to your electorate vote, you should figure out who will be the best electorate MP', and realistically it's going to be one of these two guys.

"There is no deal here at all. This is just how I've personally cast my vote."

The Green Party is standing candidates in 59 of the 70 electorates, but they're campaigning for party votes only.


source: newshub archive