Life couldn't be much better right now.

  • 21/08/2012

It’s almost the end of the year and I’m feeling like my life is about to pop open. Like a lot of school leavers, I’m feeling excited and motivated but at the same time scared and nervous. It’s a weird mixture of emotions.

I have already applied to the course I wanted to do and am feeling pretty good about it. John Campbell himself told me to let him know if they get back to me. Doors are already opening for me in the industry that I want to work in. 

In my first year at high school, my father took me for a drive and we talked. He gave me a father/son heart-to-heart. There is one question that still pops into my head every now and then.   At the beginning of my high school year my father asked me "Who do you want to be when you finally come to your last year of high school?” I sat silently with that question pounding around my brain. I wanna be buff, I wanna have a really hot girlfriend, I want to be well known, and I want to pass NCEA.

Back then, passing high school was the last thing on my mind. I worked way too hard on the first 3 things, but didn’t spend enough time working towards the last thing. 

In my 6th form year, I reflected on my first few years.   I thought I was buff, but I was just building fat over my well toned abs. I was single and pretended to enjoy it, and I seemed to be well known but for all the wrong reasons.

Today, I look at myself and feel pretty happy the way things are going. I am currently going to the gym, I’m with a beautiful companion that enjoys many of the same things I do.   I am well known for shooting the original of the ‘Brown Brothers’ speech AND I’ve passed level one & two NCEA and I’m a couple of credits away from that level three spot. It couldn’t be going any better at the moment. I look forward to seeing my future created by me.

Peace & Love Brothers & Sisters


source: newshub archive