Mallard flags Hobbit dissent

  • 28/10/2010

By James Murray

Labour MP Trevor Mallard took a swipe at the Government's deal with Warner Bros today, holding up a depiction of the New Zealand flag with the film-maker's logo in place of the Union Jack.

John Key brokered a deal with Warner Bros on Wednesday that ensured the two Hobbit movies would be made in New Zealand.

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In return, Warner Bros, and other big budget film-makers, will enjoy greater tax breaks when making movies in New Zealand and changes will be made to employment law, which will stop contractors from taking legal action if they believe they should be classified as an employee.

Mr Mallard said the flag was sent to him by a young, talented New Zealander who lives and works in Japan.

"What he says is: 'New Zealand sovereignty is finished'," Mallard told the house as he was heckled by National MPs.

Parliament is expected to pass the new employment legislation later today.

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source: newshub archive