Manukau councillors nitpicking expenses

  • 30/06/2010

Two Manukau City councillors who led attacks against Mayor Len Brown over his credit-spending indiscretions have been revealed to be meticulous when it comes to their own expenses.

Papers released under the Official Information Act to The Aucklander show city councillor Dick Quax claimed $1.54 for travelling to a meeting just 2km from his house, The New Zealand Herald reported.

Mr Quax must still pay $1,500 for a two-day resource management course which he failed to attend two years ago, but he told the paper he had requested an invoice and intends to pay.

Another councillor, Jami-Lee Ross claimed $14 for driving to an Anzac ceremony in 2008.

The documents show Mr Quax and Mr Ross’s expenses were in the top three among the 16 councillors, racking up $10,834.95 and $8537.34 respectively.

Both are among the highest-paid councillors but there are no allegations that their spending has been improper.

However, Mr Quax and Mr Ross have also been very critical of Len Brown’s expenditure.

Mr Brown came under fire for purchasing a mini sound system and a Christmas ham with his councillor’s card.

Mr Quax is unrepentant about his spending, saying he has not rorted the system.

“I am entitled [to make the claim for $1.54] under our expenses. It just happens that I live near where that meeting takes place,” he told the paper.

“If I drive my car 1km, that’s 70 cents – that’s what I’m entitled to claim.”

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source: newshub archive

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