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Peter Dunne: Baldies just hating

Wednesday 18 May 2011 3:24 p.m.

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United Future leader Peter Dunne says criticism that his fine head of hair looks like a dead possum comes from jealous bald journalists.

Mr Dunne posted a video on the United Future website, defending his grey locks and vowing the only product that goes on them is a comb and a brush.

"What's this thing about my hair. I'm getting fed up with being described as having a dead possum on top, all sorts of other things like that from people who think it's untidy, it's too grey, it's too coiffeured.

"I think it's really bald-headed men. I go on the Close Up show with Mark Sainsbury. It's really very awkward because he is not looking at me, he is looking straight up here."

He said he doesn't appear on Campbell Live because John Campbell doesn't like him, but added: "Sorry John, I quite like your plastic hair, too."

Mr Campbell has since posted on Twitter that he'll have Mr Dunne and his hair on his show tonight.

"I'll interview them both at once. Or, my hair will interview his."

Twitter users were quick to talk about Mr Dunne's quirky video.

User lilmoth said: "Love Peter Dunne's video blog about those who take the piss out of him and his hair. He's actually a decent bloke and very approachable."

Another, tripthestation, said: "Bullshit, Peter Dunne uses more hair product than I do. I'm thinking volumising setting spray and a flexible hold styling glaze."

In 2008, 3 News declared Mr Dunne's hair the winner of the minor party leader's debate.

At the time, he described his hair as very "thick" and "100 percent Kiwi natural".


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