Poll shows National far ahead of Labour

  • 21/08/2011

By Duncan Garner

With just three months until the general election, Prime Minster John Key and the National Party’s lead remains so commanding that a coalition partner to govern would not be needed.

The Labour Party is polling so badly it would lose six MPs but leader Phil Goff is remaining resolute tonight saying "Labour may just surprise you on election night”.

But tonight’s poll shows National would govern alone with 67 seats.

Mr Key says it shows New Zealand has confidence in the way he and his party are running things.

The poll is confirmation Labour's much hyped capital gains tax policy has not had any impact.

There have been reports Mr Goff even offered his resignation to senior MPs recently but he says that is fiction, “that's political spin from National”.

But with 12 weeks until the election, voters appear to have made their minds up and switched off a Labour Party led by Mr Goff.

When asked if he should stand down and let someone else lead, he says there is no question of that.

We also asked how are the leaders performing.

Three in four voters say Mr Key is performing well while 14.5 percent say he is doing a bad job.

Just one in four think Mr Goff is doing a good job, and crucially for the first time, more than one in two voters now think Mr Goff is performing poorly.

This all points to a crushing defeat for Labour on November 26.

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source: newshub archive