VIDEO: Hobbit actor Mark Hadlow meets Prince Charles

  • 14/11/2012

Mark Hadlow, who plays dwarf Dori in The Hobbit movies, met with Prince Charles at Wellington's Weta Workshop today.

Shortly before the prince's visit, Hadlow spoke to media in full costume.

“I’m going to introduce myself as Dori The Dwarf,” he said.

Transforming Hadlow into Dori takes about two hours, but the actor says it feels “fantastic”.

“It’s hot though – but that’s why we’re super-fit. We’re very svelte, fit men for our age,” he joked. “I’m actually 105.”

He describes the 18 months spent filming The Hobbit as “an extraordinary experience”.

“There were 12 dwarves so it was like being back at boarding school really.

“Everyone was being very naughty and the only one who could keep us in line was [director] Peter Jackson – and even he joined in, which was fun.”

Watch the video for the full interview with Mark Hadlow.

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source: newshub archive