Broods thrilled to lead VNZMA nominees, but can't attend event

Georgia and Caleb Nott, aka Broods (supplied / Renata Raksha)
Georgia and Caleb Nott, aka Broods (supplied / Renata Raksha)

Broods are set for a huge night next month at the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMAs) after topping the list of finalists with five nominations.

Georgia and Caleb Nott, a brother-and-sister act from Nelson, were darlings of the 2015 awards. They took home Album of the Year, Best Group, Best Pop Album and Radio Airplay Record of the Year for their debut album Evergreen.

This November, they stand to win Album of the Year again for the more upbeat sophomore work Conscious, Single of the Year for 'Free' as well as the People's Choice Award, Best Group and Best Pop Album.

However due to a scheduling clash, Broods won't actually be attending this year's VNZMA ceremony.

But that doesn't mean they're not over-the-moon about leading the pack of nominees.

"It feels strange and awesome. When these things happen, you don't really know how to make it feel real - it doesn't really sink in," Georgia says.

"We were in our house in LA when our manager called us and gave us the list. We were just expecting it to stop, but it kept going!"

On the phone from Los Angeles, Georgia says the nod for Conscious had the biggest effect on her and her brother.

"It's always pretty insane to be nominated for Album of the Year, you never stop feeling overwhelmed by that one. That's the one that last year had the most impact on us and this year, being nominated again, it's pretty crazy."

A few years ago, Broods may have been considered an alternative act, at least they would have before producer Joel Little made their type of sound an international sensation, thanks to another of his collaborators, Lorde.

Are they alternative? Are they pop? Georgia isn't fussed what genre you want to call her music, but says it's appropriate to be nominated for Pop Album of the Year in any case.

"I think with this album, definitely, a lot more so than our last album which was also nominated for Pop Album. But I think that's the beauty of New Zealand music. The whole alternative/pop scene is quite blurry, compared to in the US, where pop is like, extremely mainstream," she says.

"In New Zealand, a lot of what is considered alternative is played on pop radio and I quite like that. It's cool when people think whatever is good is good, rather than sticking to what they think belongs on each radio station."

That huge crossover appeal has also meant Broods, rather unexpectedly for them, are in the running for the People's Choice Award this year too.

"It sounds really Kiwi and overly humble, but I feel like that's the one we're least expecting. That would be such an honour, but we've seen the other bands we're up against for it and… I don't know," says Georgia.

"That's the one where if we do win it, we'd be most surprised in a happy way. It's hard to think of yourself being so popular."

Despite their popularity in Aotearoa, Georgia and Caleb relocated to America's City of Angels to get better exposure in the lucrative US market. But even all the joys of the celebrity capital of the world aren't enough to make them want to stay permanently.

"I love parts of it, but I'd never want to live here forever. It's not as safe and relaxed as New Zealand, but it is a really fun city to be in and there's heaps going on with lots of creative people.

"There's so much music and other arts, it's nice getting thrown into this big pool of creativity and have all this awesome stuff to do."

Living in the hubbub of LA as successful musicians has sadly resulted in Broods not being able to come back for the awards night, no matter how many they win.

"We've got a show on the night of the music awards, or the night after. It's pretty sad as we always look forward to it, it's such a cool event. I think it's pretty special, compared to the ones around the world. I think we're going to send our parents along to tell us what it's like."

The 51st VNZMA ceremony will take place at Auckland's Vector Arena on November 17, with a live broadcast on TV3 from 8:30pm. It will also be streamed on