Outrage as TV host kisses woman's breast without consent

A Kim Kardashian lookalike has been kissed on the breast without her consent while appearing on French television.

The actress, known as 'Soraya', was appearing in a French television skit about Kardashian's hotel robbery last month when the incident took place.

In the skit, Soraya - as Kardashian - was tied up in a bathroom before being 'saved' by show panellist Jean-Michel Maire, who was playing a locksmith.

The host of the TV show suggested Soraya give Maire a kiss for saving her life. She subsequently declined. 

After being egged on by the host, Maire went in for a kiss on Soraya's cheek before planting his face on her right breast after she turned her head away.

The French government's Superior Council of Audiovisual - who regulate French television broadcasts - tweeted out to say they have received over 250 complaints following the incident and are going to launch an investigation into it.

Full footage of the incident can be viewed above.