Ukelele festival gets star treatment in Auckland

Ukelele festival gets star treatment in Auckland

Two Ukelele playing Hawaiian YouTube sensations are in New Zealand for the 10th anniversary of a concert which aims to get kids into music.

The New Zealand Ukelele Festival will take place at Vector Arena on Saturday, and will welcome a pair of extremely well-thought-of guests.

It's easy to see how Honoka and Azita have amassed a global following - aged just 16 and 18, they're ukelele royalty and their YouTube videos, set to stunning Hawaiian backdrops, get millions of hits.

The duo first started playing for fun, but things took off when they won an international ukelele contest.

Now they play all over the world, and they say meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is the best part of the job.

"I enjoy travelling all around the world and getting to meet different people from different cultures," Azita said.

"We're still in school and we're actually skipping school right now but there are just some things you can't learn in a classroom and out of a textbook."

The ukelele superstars are the international guests at this year's New Zealand Ukelele Festival, and organisers hope the pair will inspire Kiwi kids.

"No one expected this to happen not us, not our parents or our teacher so I honestly don't know what to expect for the future - just to have fun," Honoka said.

And for the moment, they're doing just that.