Naz's close encounter with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani had a close encounter with action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger over the weekend and captured the moment on video.

The former Bachelor NZ contestant got up close and personal with the Austrian at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding event in Melbourne.

Naz placed third in her bikini division, which she was absolutely thrilled with, but says getting so close to the Commando star was a different kind of amazing.

"It's another dream come true - I'm obsessed with Arnie, I love him," says Naz.

"I was hoping to be able to shake his hand and that didn't happen. But I still got to see him and I'm so happy with that. He does do personal meet and greets with the pro bodybuilder winners, so it's more motivation for me to get to the top, so I could get to meet him."

Naz says The Terminator is her favourite Schwarzenegger film, but insists she likes all of them and can watch them "over and over".

"Back in the day he was quite sexy so I enjoyed watching his movies for that too," she laughs.

After placing in the top five in her first two bodybuilding competitions, Naz says she wants to give her body a break for a while. But she is enjoying being able to eat chocolate again and is looking forward to the bodybuilding national championship competition in October.

"I don't want to damage my body too much by doing comp after comp. I'm just going to heal and get back to normal for a few weeks," says Naz.

"Then I'll spend the next six months growing a bit. I don't want to get too muscular, I really like the feminine look, but I want to be a little more muscly and hopefully do the Olympia competition."

Meanwhile, it's being reported that Paramount Pictures has cancelled a planned sixth Terminator movie, partially because it may put too much strain on the 69-year-old actor.

After the last film Terminator: Genisys failed to garner the response the studio wanted, it's said to have pulled a planned sequel from release, despite Schwarzenegger remaining positive about its chances himself.