Gigi Hadid dropped from Victoria's Secret show after 'racist' video

The supermodel squinted her eyes to look like Buddha in a controversial clip.

Sylvester Stallone in April, 2017

Sylvester Stallone denies sexual assault

He says the report of him allegedly forcing a teen into sex is "ridiculous".

Pua Magasiva

Shortland Street star charged for drink driving

Pua Magasiva was over the legal limit.

Meet Cassidy Morris, the first ever local host of Bravo New Zealand

Meet Cassidy Morris, the new face of Bravo NZ

The 23-year-old model and Instagram star is the channel's first-ever local host.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is not the Sexiest Man Alive

"Is every other man dead or something?" asks Newshub's Sarah Templeton.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift takes shots at exes on new album

Reputation proves the pop star might still have bad blood with her old lovers.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan arrested for cocaine possession

She's previously slammed the "horses**t" investigation after speaking out about sex abuse in Hollywood.

George Takei sorry for jokes about assault.

George Takei apologises for joking about sexual assault

"Out of context, I agree that the joke was distasteful, and I'm very sorry he and I made fun out of a serious matter."

Jordin Sparks secretly married Dana Isiah and they're pregnant.

Jordin Sparks announces she's married and pregnant

The American Idol star secretly wed in July.

Mike and Rachel from Suits

Suits stars reportedly may not return for new season

But what about the wedding?

Tom Sizemore

Saving Private Ryan star accused of child molestation

Tom Sizemore was allegedly removed from a movie set after violating an 11-year-old girl.

Zoe Marshall

'I thought I'm going to die, or I'm going to kill him'

Benji Marshall's wife Zoe has shared sickening details of abuse she suffered in a former relationship.

Poppy, Simba, Winnie and Phoebe are an internet sensation.

The West Auckland pomeranians with 60k Instagram followers

Poppy, Simba, Winnie and Phoebe are an internet sensation.

The Weeknd and his reported new girlfriend - Yovanna Ventura.

The Weeknd dating Bieber's ex - reports

Hollywood's hottest love triangle allegedly just got even more confusing.

Khalid at Auckland's Spark Arena on 12 November, 2017.

Khalid's pure talent on show at Spark Arena

One show in NZ was all Khalid needed to win emotional fans' hearts, writes Sarah Templeton.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson holidays instead of visiting daughter

The troubled actor is also being questioned on how he can afford the trip.

Prison Break star Robert Knepper accused of grabbing woman's genitals in shocking sexual assault.

Prison Break star accused of grabbing woman's genitals

Robert Knepper allegedly sexually assaulted a veteran Hollywood costume designer in 1991.

Louis CK accused of sexual misconduct by several women in New York Times exposé.

Louis CK embroiled in disturbing masturbation controversy

The comedian is accused of sexual misconduct by several women in a New York Times exposé.


Drake collecting Hermès Birkin bags for future wife

Is this cute or creepy?

Portia de Rossi says Steven Seagal sexually harassed her.

Portia de Rossi says Steven Seagal sexually harassed her

In a private audition, he unzipped his pants and spoke about their "chemistry", she claims.