China, Malls

'Husband storage' facility opened up at mall in China

It's believed to be the first of its kind, and may catch on around the world.

Competitors at the recent world champs.

Twists and turns at Rubik's cube champs

Watching these Rubik's cube savants will give you square eyes.

Candy Crush, the TV show

Candy Crush TV show looks absolutely wild

No matter how crazy you think it may be, it's more bonkers than that.

Nintendo, United States, Gaming

Nintendo releasing classic Super Nintendo console

The new version of the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System will come with 21 games.


Sega app makes classic games free to play

Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast and more are available now for iPhone and Android.

Markiplier is the world's most influential gamer in 2017, says Forbes - PewDiePie is number two

Pewdiepie knocked from Forbes top spot

The controversial gamer lost influence after making anti-Semitic videos and Nazi 'jokes'.

Screengrab from Atari's preview video.

Atari is making a new console

You could be forgiven for thinking it's 1987 instead of 2017.


Sony E3 2017 press conference highlights

All the biggest trailers, new games and surprises from PlayStation.


Xbox One X - the most powerful console yet?

Microsoft's next console, the Xbox One X, will hit shelves in November.


Why the angry men of the internet need to please pipe down

There's nothing better than men getting outraged about 'sexism' that isn't sexism, writes Sarah Templeton.


Far Cry 5 trailer: God, and plenty of guns

Ubisoft's upcoming first-person shooter Far Cry 5 promises god, guns and plenty of controversy.


'White genocide' game causes controversy

A new game that has a fundamentalist American cult as the bad guys is causing a stir online.


Destiny 2 gameplay revealed

One of the year's most hyped games has finally been unveiled.


Farpoint: The next step in virtual reality is here

Always wanted to pick up a gun and shoot aliens in a virtual world? The time has come.


The Sims coming to mobile phones soon

The classic original game is coming back and this time, it's free.


Video game classics inducted into Hall of Fame

Street Fighter, Pokémon, Halo and Donkey Kong are the backdrop to many childhoods.

Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII announced

For the first time in nearly a decade, the franchise returns to World War II.


New Star Wars game trailer leaks

Rey, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and Yoda all feature as new heroes absent from the last game.


Back from the 'dead': Return of the Tamagotchi

Remember that toy you had to constantly take care of?


Destiny 2 trailer reveals September release date

Players will lose all of their loot, but PC gamers can now join in the fun.