The Xbox One X is the console reboot Microsoft needs

Xbox One X – the console reboot Microsoft needs

The most powerful gaming console in history is about to be released.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II 'No more Nazis' trailer

BJ Blazkowicz is back as a super Antifa hero wasting Nazi scum.


Street Fighter-style election game turns politicians into hulking warriors

David Seymour will be chuffed at his avatar.

Frank Vincent dies aged 78

The Sopranos star Frank Vincent dies aged 78

He also starred in Casino, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Grand Theft Auto III.

bungie remove hate symbol from destiny 2

Destiny 2 developers to remove 'hate symbol' from game

The apparent likeness to the alt-right symbol was "not intentional", says Bungie.

Felix 'PewdiePie' Kjellberg

PewdiePie facing boycott over latest racist slur

The world's most popular YouTuber called someone a "f**king n****r" during a broadcast.

Grinding gear games launches Path of Exile at themed event in Shanghai

Path of Exile developers look to conquer China

Auckland's Grinding Gear Games now has access to the world's biggest gaming market.

Jesus uses a crucifix as a weapon in the game.

Jesus fights Buddha in controversial new game

Fight of the Gods is being labelled "extremely offensive" and "disrespectful".


Skyrim cosplayer to Christians: 'Talos hates elves'

He was there to preach the word of a fictional deity.

Patrick Ponce breaks the world record.

Watch this teen solve a Rubik's cube in 4 seconds

A 15-year-old has broken the world record.

Game of Thrones game being made by Bethesda - rumour

Finally, an amazing Game of Thrones game

It's apparently being made by the studio behind Fallout and Skyrim.


What makes the new Uncharted game so good?

Its creators say Lost Legacy is everything Uncharted fans love, with a fresh new perspective.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier will be released in the northern autumn

Planet of the Apes game looks amazing

Based on the recent film trilogy, the choice-based cinematic adventure is hugely interesting.


Gaming addiction in NZ: Why getting help is so hard

Do you have an untreated gaming addiction?


PewdiePie renounces Nazi 'jokes' after Charlottesville

The world's most popular YouTube star doesn't think Nazis are funny anymore.


Stephen King's It comes to VR

As if the movies weren't terrifying enough...

Yvette Forester is now living with her grandparents in California.

UK gamer uses pizza to find missing US girl

The promise of free food was too much to resist for her captor.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Game of the Year edition coming

Nearly two years after it first dropped, a definitive version is here.

Guile from Street Fighter now sells hair gel in Japan

Guile from Street Fighter now sells hair gel in Japan

"A disturbed hairstyle leads to disorder of the heart. It's not cool."

A 'man pod'.

Finally, a reason for guys to go shopping

'Man pods' equipped with video games are proving a big hit in China.