Odd News

How some diamonds are made.

Diamonds from space formed in planet crashes - study

It's rock-solid evidence of how dangerous the solar system used to be.

The monkey may have been there 50 years.

Mummified monkey mystery mesmerises Minneapolis

It was found in the ceiling of an old department store, but no one can agree how it got there.

Hand dryers might be a bit more gross than you think.

Hand dryers are blasting your hands with poo particles

This study's findings are pretty gross.

Odd News

Police claim mice stole 560kg of missing weed

Argentinian cops blamed the rodents for the missing impounded marijuana.

anglo saxons

Aussie job ad asks for 'Anglo Saxon' candidates

The company has apologised for the "completely unacceptable" blunder.

Peanut butter and jam. Bad?

Internet mums savage child's peanut butter sandwich snack

A mother gave her child a sandwich in public, and there was outrage.

Odd News

Woman's wild dancing upstages Trump

As he signed a bill into law, all eyes were on the woman behind him.

Guy McPherson also believes the end is coming - but he has science on his side.

Doomsday preacher says end of the world begins soon

He - like all doomsday preachers - has had a zero percent success rate so far.

Dino McDinoface? Could be.

Dinosaur naming rights up for auction

If you ever wanted to name a species 'Dino McDinoface', this is your chance.

Odd News

Lightning strike zaps more than 100 geese dead

The birds rained down on an Idaho carpark.

Meet the green fairies risking it all for access to marijuana.

Cops claim mice ate half-tonne of missing weed

The judge didn't believe them, and now they've lost their jobs.

Carolina Reaper.

What eating world's hottest chilli pepper can do to you

A man who tried to eat the world's hottest chilli pepper ended up in hospital with "crushingly painful" headaches.

Stingray IMSI

Mystery spy devices detected around the White House

Officials don't know who's planting them, though it might be obvious why.

The alligator didn't respond.

Alligator harassment a 'new level of stupid'

They threw carrots at the 3.3m carnivore, and are probably lucky to be alive.

arm wrestle

Men think they're brainier than women, even when they're not - study

The disparity in confidence could explain why so few women take up science careers, the researchers say.

The Earth is not flat, it's an oblate spheroid - roughly spherical, but slightly flattened.

A third of Millennials aren't sure the Earth is round - survey

A significant number apparently believe the world is flat.

Odd News

Monkeys hurt in Wellington Zoo overnight break-in

The zoo originally believed one had been stolen, but she was hiding.

The ad featuring the alleged Islamic State salute.

Holden ad contains 'Islamic State salute'

A complaint laid with the Advertising Standards Authority was thrown out.

Odd News

Aussie fisherman's gut-wrenching discovery

He posted a video to Facebook of what he saw when he cut open the kingfish.

The Marsbees will give NASA more options for exploration.

NASA reveals 'plan bee' for Mars exploration

The space agency is proposing packing its next rover with a swarm of 'Marsbees'.