Odd News

Davi Stretton-Mellor's tattoo.

Man thrown off flight blames tattoo discrimination

A 33-year-old grandfather says he was thrown off a flight because of his Mike Tyson-style tattoo.

Bill English staples a hoarding.

Bill English avoids 'nail fail' on first hoarding

The Prime Minister uses a stapler rather than hammer to avoid repeating John Key's shocker.


'Euphoria' puts Lotto winner in hospital

The shock of winning a $10 million Powerball jackpot overwhelmed the Tauranga man.


Parrot dobs in killer

A pet parrot has helped provide evidence to convict his owner of murder.


Who let the dogs out?

Hastings officials say there's been a massive rise in the number of pooches wandering the streets.

Parking ticket

Nurse gets parking fine after patient has heart attack

She stayed late to help a patient - and was fined £80 for her efforts.

Video: The trailer for Game of Thrones, season 7.

GoT spoilers: 'Not cool', but not a crime - police

Brace yourself - spoilers are coming.

Competitors at the recent world champs.

Twists and turns at Rubik's cube champs

Watching these Rubik's cube savants will give you square eyes.

Russia dog dyed to look like giant panda cub (Getty / file)

Dog dyed to look like panda in tourist 'scam'

Russian police have launched an investigation into the pup's owner.

Unisex bathrooms

Unisex loos mean no more queues

Researchers have found a simple fix for the age-old problem of queues outside the women's loos.

The sack of weed was confiscated.

Man shows up to hospital with sack of weed

It was more than enough to see him behind bars.

A tardigrade.

Meet the creature that will outlast us all

No, it's not Winston Peters. It's something far more resilient.

Malcolm Turnbull.

Laws of Australia trump maths - Aussie PM

"The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia."

A New Zealand dotterel.

Home, sweet... motorway?

Dotterels have made Albany and other sections of the Northern Motorway their home.

Odd News

Strewth! Chilled out Aussie tries to take fridge on train

"Please book a removalist," the rail service suggested instead.

The All Blacks line up for the anthem during the Test match against the Lions.

The unexpected story behind NZ's national anthem

It began life as a magazine competition, and took a century to become an official anthem.

Imagine Vegan Cafe, in Memphis.

How a naked baby ruined a vegan café's reputation

This is how not to respond to bad customer reviews.

Runaway loos on the rampage in Moscow.

Russians pursued by marauding portaloos

Footage of portaloos racing across the pavement in Moscow has amused and terrified in almost equal amounts.

Big Ben pie

Hamilton's pie king of the north

Move over vikings, here's the Kiwi pie king - out to show Norway what real food is.

The threat was scrawled under a Statistics NZ letterhead. Photo credit: Facebook/Supplied

Stats NZ apologises for prosecution threat

Statistics NZ has apologised after a staff member threatened to prosecute a woman for not filling out a survey.