Odd News

Odd News

Russian gunslinger hits the right notes 33 minutes ago

This Russian gunman's surely going to number one - with a bullet.

A Lindsay X-LITE barrier of the type that killed Hannah Eimers (Lindsay/Barrier Systems Inc)

Dead girl billed over fatal car crash 2 hours ago

A teenager fatally impaled by a highway guardrail has been asked to pay for its replacement.

Comet Ping Pong (Getty)

Pizzagate gunman pleads guilty 25/03/2017

He wrongly believed the restaurant was the epicentre of a sex-abuse ring led by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Weed in a cop car

What's wrong with this picture? 24/03/2017

Need a clue? Take a look at the 'hashboard'.

Odd News

Salute the sun at Beer Yoga 23/03/2017

An Auckland bar is taking yoga to dizzying new heights.

Odd News

Flight attendant wins global fans with Britney Spears' 'Toxic' video 21/03/2017

His perfect recreation of the 2004 hit was enough to impress his boss, if not Spears herself.

Odd News

Massive 'hulk' chicken: Is it real or fake? 20/03/2017

It's an unbelievably big chicken.

An old-school mobile phone (Getty)

2003: A text message odyssey 16/03/2017

Baffling text messages that appear to have been sent 14 years ago are plaguing the UK.

Odd News

Whanganui River is now a person - legally 15/03/2017

It comes as a treaty settlement bill was passed on Wednesday afternoon.

Odd News

'Definitely the most sheep I've seen in one place' 11/03/2017

Spain might have the Running of the Bulls, but NZ has the Running of the Wools.

An artist's illustration of a light-sail powered by a radio beam (M Weiss/CfA)

Beats from space: Is there an ancient alien Uber service? 10/03/2017

Odd space transmissions could be proof aliens have mastered interstellar travel.

Suellen Cryer (Facebook/supplied)

'Big-breasted' drug smuggler busted again 10/03/2017

The ex-flight attendant's ample bosom has again failed to hide her illicit goods.

Kim Kardashian promotes her book Selfish (Getty)

Elderly man arrested over Kardashian book 'massacre' 10/03/2017

The 74-year-old fugitive took months to catch.

Nagasaki, after the bomb hit (Getty)

War memorial tree weed to death 10/03/2017

A Featherston tree grown from a Nagasaki cutting has died from 'urine burn'.

Odd News

Driver juggles to prove he's not drunk 09/03/2017

It wasn't a regular sobriety test.

Odd News

Bright pink tap water startles Canadians 09/03/2017

While unusual, the water is still safe to drink.

Odd News

Traffic 'jam': Tonnes of beer, jam lost in crash 09/03/2017

A very sticky clean-up is underway after dozens of jars of jam and bottles of beer were lost in a crash.

Woman sniffes a snake-oil love potion (Getty)

Human pheromones? More like snake oil 09/03/2017

Scientists have found two substances sold as 'love potions' simply don't do anything.

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Bizarre Lotto draw drives winnings down 09/03/2017

It seems Kiwis are rather unimaginative when it comes to picking Lotto numbers.

Odd News

'You taking the piss?': Public reaction to shark thief 06/03/2017

The shark was one of two people who held up a petrol station overnight.