Odd News

Odd News

New Zealand's most hopeless robber?

A gun-wielding man has failed miserably to steal much at all from a Christchurch dairy.

Odd News

South African police pelt suspects with apples

Video shows five officers flinging the stolen crop like baseballs as the suspects flinch and duck.

King Philippe, as he appears on Burger King's website (Burger King/supplied)

Burger King takes on the Belgian royal family

The King of Belgium has found himself in a battle royale with his burger-slinging equivalent.

The certificate (KHOU)

Student named 'most likely to become a terrorist'

She was handed the award by a teacher on the same day as the bombing in Manchester.

Kim Dotcom and Seth Rich's parents, Mary and Joel (Getty)

Kim Dotcom's open letter to Seth Rich's family

Kim Dotcom initially offered to help Seth Rich's family, claiming he had proof Rich was murdered for leaking emails.

Odd News

Tutus and twirls for male students' big ballet routine

It's a long and proud tradition and one the students love being part of.

Greg Gianforte (Getty)

Republican candidate 'body-slams' journalist

Greg Gianforte, running for office in Montana, has been accused of body-slamming a reporter, breaking his glasses.

Odd News

Donald Trump and the glowing orb: What's really going on

An image of Trump with his hands on a crystal ball has quickly become a meme on social media.

Ringer and Chloe (Facebook/Christine Marr)

Good dog! Cat found alive 2 months after blaze

Who's a good girl? This dog, that's who.

KIC 8462852 (NASA)

Mystery star has astronomers starry-eyed

Is Boyajian's star home to an alien intelligence? Astronomers want to find out - now.

The cyclops goat (YouTube/Barcroft)

Goat born with cyclops eye - we're not kidding

Eyes - goats have two of them. Ears, too. But not this one.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands (Getty)

King's high-flying secret revealed

The Dutch King has been secretly flying passengers on commercial flights without anyone knowing.

UK police car fancy dress penis costume composite (Getty / West Yorkshire Police)

Man in 'distinctive penis costume' sought after assault

UK police say the fancy dresser may have witnessed a serious assault.

Odd News

BBC reporter denies deliberate boob grab

It was caught on live TV.

Odd News

Bummer: Eurovision gatecrasher arrested

Prankster Vitalii Sediuk took to the stage and flashed his bottom.

Auckland Music Academy in Pakuranga (Google Maps)

Person trapped in old bank vault

The door closed behind a worker and locked itself.

Odd News

Russian who played Pokémon Go in church avoids jail

Ruslan Sokolovsky was found guilty of inciting religious hatred.

Packet of chips and crisps (Getty)

Thieves tear open chip bags for chance at $10

The possibility of some free cash has turned citizens to savages in UK supermarkets.

Fancy Chicken Silkie - Asian bird

Best in show, chicken style, hits big screens

Pecking Order follows a power struggle at the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club.

Odd News

Monkey business: Forget Apple, here's the Banana Phone

Tired of talking on your Apple iPhone? How about swapping it for a banana?