Odd News

Demodex live on your face and in your eyelashes.

Tiny creatures are having sex on your face right now

A study found they're on virtually all of our faces, especially eyelashes.

Olive Trees

Van Gogh painting's buggy secret revealed

More than a century later, art lovers are still finding new things to marvel at in paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

Jacinda Ardern shows off the 'silly' shirt.

'I'm not going to sniff the shirt on camera'

Jacinda Ardern's not sure about the pineapple shirt she's expected to wear at the East Asia Summit.

New Zealand's Deklan Wynne celebrates with team mate Monty Patterson and Clayton Lewis.

Jacinda Ardern willing to bet on the All Whites

She tried to get the President of Peru to make a bet on the outcome of Saturday's match.

Odd News

Woman's elaborate self-checkout scam

The Florida woman took off with more than $2500 worth of electronics for less than $5.

Stephen Hawking wants humanity to get off Earth before it's too late.

Earth's future: Fire and killer robots?

Stephen Hawking' s outlined some horror scenarios for life on Earth.

Odd News

Woman fired after pulling finger at Trump

The cyclist, who works for a government branch, says she has no regrets.

The time capsule is opened for the first time in 50 years.

Reality shatters time capsule authors' dreams

Fifty years ago Russians thought they'd be doing business with aliens and still living under communist rule.

Not the usual kind of drive you see on the cricket pitch.

Car driven through cricket match

Indian cricket star Ishant Sharma couldn't believe his eyes.

Trump's Twitter account often gets him into hot water.

Contractor blamed for taking down Trump's Twitter account

The person who briefly deactivate Twitter account was not employed by the company, according to a report.

Trump twitter

Twitter employee deleted Trump's account on last day

A previous explanation said the deactivation was the result of "human error".

Sandro Bernasconi and Zhang Wei with the worthless whisky.

Fake booze: Millionaire spends $15k on phoney shot

He thought it was a 139-year-old Scottish single malt drop. He was wrong.

Leigion is doing "okay" despite the bruising.

Youths attack baby boy with rotten sandwich

A 13-month-old boy suffered bruising when hooligans threw a tightly-packed rotten sandwich at him.

KFC releases fried chicken-scented bath bomb.

KFC bath bomb released in Japan

For when you want to get nice, clean and fried chicken-ey.

The Great Pyramid of Giza isn't done giving up its secrets.

Mystery 'void' found in Great Pyramid of Giza

Scientists have found a massive hidden chamber in the 4500-year-old wonder of the ancient world.

Pakistan wedding

Unwilling bride kills 17 in escape attempt gone wrong

The poisoned milk was only meant for her husband - not her extended family.

Donald Trump regularly calls news networks he doesn't like 'fake'.

'Fake news' named 2017's word of the year

Dictionary publisher Collins has named Donald Trump's favourite phrase as 2017's word of the year - it's true.


Extra days off for non-smokers?

Sick of smokers taking extra breaks, while you toil away? A Japanese firm has come up with a solution.

Geneva Airport.

Runaway 7yo slips through airport security

How a young girl outsmarted security at Geneva Airport and made it onto a flight to France.

Woman flips Trump the bird

Trump gets middle-finger salute from cyclist

It's not clear if Donald Trump saw the obscene gesture..