Odd News

Odd News

The moment death nearly came from above

A concrete brick thrown off the top of a tall building narrowly missed a grandfather and small child.

Odd News

Campaign launched to ban cigarette emoji

Emojis. Harmless little pictures, or a gateway to a life of smoking and ill-health?

Odd News

Ferry slowly crashes into pier

A massive ferry has been filmed ploughing into a pier in the Canary Islands.

fried chicken nandos (Getty)

Racing for Nando's not enough to break road rules

The driver's excuse? "I'm in a rush to get the kids Nando's."

Jared Dylan Smith (Ouachita Parish County Sheriff's Office)

Teen faces jail for saying 'f***'

He's being accused of disturbing an elderly woman's peace.

Odd News

Man runs into wall, breaks back, sues museum

Dean Smith's attempt to outrun a virtual image of an Olympic gold medallist went terribly wrong.

Odd News

Auckland driver shows how not to park

An SUV mounted a public bench on Queen St on Saturday, drawing a crowd of onlookers.

Florida man found frying chicken in woman's home after breaking in

Woman comes home, finds stranger frying chicken in kitchen

He also helped himself to her vodka, police say.


United passenger stung by scorpion

A passenger told him, "'Hey, that's a scorpion, they're dangerous." Then he got stung.

Part of the secret computer network (Ohio Office of the Inspector-General)

Prisoners build secret computer, download porn

The staff knew nothing about it until the inmates tried to download too much.

A ball python (Wikipedia/MusikAnimal)

Man told to 'put a rope around' his snake

A man fined for letting his snake roam free says he'll fight the ticket in court.

Floaty McFlo... sorry, Floating Bridge No 6 (Isle of Wight Council/Facebook)

Council torpedoes 'Floaty McFloatface'

History never repeats, unless you're an organisation asking the public to name something.

Odd News

Diner threatens 'sexual harassment' charges after PDA

"You're such an airhead. You're so dumb. You're sexually harassing me," she can be seen saying.

Bill English and Paula Bennett (file)

Bennett 'excited about lies' in Facebook blunder

The unfortunate omission - or Freudian slip - didn't go unnoticed by her followers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview to Germany's Bild newspaper at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, Russia, January 5, 2016. Picture taken January 5, 2016. REUTERS/Alexey Nikolsky/Sputnik/Kremlin ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. THIS PICTURE WAS PROCESSED BY REUTERS TO ENHANCE QUALITY. AN UNPROCESSED VERSION WILL BE PROVIDED SEPARATELY. - RTX21SWS

Russia offers hackers, election interference

Look at the date - of course it sounds too good to be true.

Brie-oncé (Robin Collective/Instagram)

Brie-oncé: Beyoncé turned into cheese

If you like it you gouda put a ring on it, say the creators.

Odd News

Police admit dashboard weed 'not professional'

It appears to be a case of 'do as we say, not what we do' for these cops.

Uber app on a phone

Uber driver delivers boyfriend's mistress

An Uber driver says she busted her partner cheating after driving his mistress straight to his doorstep.

Turkey in a windshield (La Porte County Sheriff's Office)

Turkey impales car windshield

"I thought he was gonna clear the roof, but he didn't," said the driver.

Odd News

Kangaroo taken for a walk down Detroit street

Taking your dog for a walk down the street is a common sight, but a kangaroo?