Odd News

Odd News

Huge chunk of frozen excrement falls from sky

Locals thought it was an extra-terrestrial object - but there was a simpler explanation.

Men talk more in their sleep than women, and are more likely to swear too.

Most sleeptalking is insults, profanity - study

You might think sleep is a time of peaceful rest, but you'd be wrong.


'God' told judge defendant wasn't guilty

The Texas jury disagreed.

Donald Trump has denied having an affair with the adult actress Stormy Daniels.

'I hope all the sharks die'

The US President's greatest fear is sharks, according to his alleged porn star mistress.

The real Hotel California.

'Hotel California' gets to keep its name

The Eagles have settled a legal battle with a hotel that bears a familiar name.

Odd News

YouTuber says 'Gucci Gang' one million times for charity

When he finally completed the task, he burst into tears.

man sneezes

The sneeze that ripped a man's throat open

Don't block your nose and mouth, doctors say, or you could end up eating through a tube.

KFC bucket man

Thirsty 'hero' refills his KFC bucket with fizzy

"Dude's playing chess while we're all playing checkers," his photographer commented.

What not to do at the work Christmas party.

Where in NZ you're most likely to hook up with a co-worker

Pack your bags and brush off the CV.


Police dog tracks down steak thief

Easiest job the dog's ever had.

Flounder falls from sky, hits man in head at Parnell Baths.

Mysterious falling fish lands on man's head in Auckland pool

The flounder apparently fell from the sky.

Donald Trump's latest remarks have been called a "new low".

Norway to Trump: 'Thanks, but no thanks'

Norwegians appear to know their country's not a s**thole, and are letting the US President know.

Stormy Daniels allegedly had an encounter with Trump in 2006.

Trump paid hush money to porn star - report

Stormy Daniels was paid to keep quiet about a "sexual encounter" the pair had in 2006, it has been reported.


Snow time like summer for wintry fun

It might be January, but Tauranga's about to get a dumping of snow.

Emma Pickett, 33, and 30-year-old Delaware prisoner Justin Erskine.

Mum to marry killer who might never be released

He's serving life without the chance of parole, but she doesn't care.

Donald Trump's latest gaffe has gamers in stitches.

Does Trump play Call of Duty?

The US President says the US has sold 'F-52' jets to Norway - but they aren't real.

'Little Wang' was photographed by his teacher.

#IceBoy's frozen hair shocks China

'Little Wang' walks 4.5km to school every day, even if it's well below zero outside.

Shigeharu Shirai.

Yakuza boss arrested thanks to his tattoos

The 74-year-old's tattoos went viral on social media, leading to his unlikely arrest in Thailand.

Odd News

Woman returns 'dead' Christmas tree in January

The unhappy customer got a full refund 10 days after Christmas.

The book has been labelled 'fake' by the US President.

Absent-minded shoppers buying the wrong Fire and Fury

A historian's 10yo book is a bestseller because it has a similar name to an exposé on the Trump White House.