Kids Health

Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places.

Marijuana death report misinterpreted, authors say

"We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child."

Wonder Woman

Dangerous toys to not buy your child this Christmas

Wonder Woman's sword has been singled out as one of this year's most dangerous toys.

Parents - one of them at least - will soon have 22 weeks to spend with their newborn, paid by the taxpayer.

National's parental leave blocked again

The Govt said sharing the leave would run counter to the Bill's intention - to give babies time to bond.

The Bill increases paid leave from 18 to 26 weeks.

Paid parental leave Bill passes first reading

Former MP Sue Moroney defended the use of urgency, saying the Bill had already been scrutinised by MPs and passed.

Children's Health

Tooth decay rising in New Zealand children

Children as young as two are being found to have extensive decay in their mouths.

Eliza McCartney

Eliza McCartney vaults into anti-sugar campaign

Olympic bronze medallist McCartney is taking an anti-sugary drink campaign to new heights.

Sugary soft drinks - bad for you.

Supermarket cuts back on selling sugary drinks

Fresh Choice Richmond won't sell juice, soft drinks or flavoured milk to kids before or during class time.

Depression child

Quake-shaken Christchurch kids in line for more help

Many Canterbury children suffer from mental health issues, and the new Govt has promised to help.

Starship Children's Hospital.

Young person rescued from Starship's ceiling

A person has become trapped in a ceiling at Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital.

The 4yo was left with critical injuries including a cracked skull.

How NZ could help a Tongan toddler struck by a car

The 4yo was left with critical injuries including a cracked skull.

The 2yo was pulled unconscious from the water.

Child's near-fatal drowning in Auckland swimming pool

The 2yo was pulled unconscious from the water.

Fidget spinner

Multivitamins could reduce autism risk - study

Mothers who took multivitamins while pregnant had less chance of having a child on the spectrum.

Boy asleep in car sat

How Kiwi kids are getting hurt

Fewer Kiwi kids are being seriously injured in car crashes than at the turn of the century, stats show.

child abuse

Smack your kids and they'll do worse at school - study

It decreases their cognitive abilities an isolates them from their peers, new research has found.

The baby is said to be unharmed.

Nurse in China videoed dropping baby

He was only 19 days old at the time.

The hospital was unable to perform both C-sections at once.

Baby dies after caesarean delay

The elective C-section was pushed back in favour of an emergency one.

One in six adults and one in four children are reported to suffer from asthma in New Zealand.

Mouldy homes causing children's asthma - study

Half of NZ homes have mould in them, and new research shows it's causing asthma in children.

Child running

Exercise good for kids' brains, Kiwi researchers find

And it only takes 10 minutes a day.

Baby vaccine

Bad immunisation advice putting newborns at risk

Nearly half of babies born to mothers who get bad advice about vaccines don't get immunised on time.

Children's Health

Police drive doctor to life-saving surgery

A critically ill baby was on the other end of Auckland's motorway - so the doctor called for backup.