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The baby is said to be unharmed.

Nurse in China videoed dropping baby

He was only 19 days old at the time.

The hospital was unable to perform both C-sections at once.

Baby dies after caesarean delay

The elective C-section was pushed back in favour of an emergency one.

One in six adults and one in four children are reported to suffer from asthma in New Zealand.

Mouldy homes causing children's asthma - study

Half of NZ homes have mould in them, and new research shows it's causing asthma in children.

Child running

Exercise good for kids' brains, Kiwi researchers find

And it only takes 10 minutes a day.

Baby vaccine

Bad immunisation advice putting newborns at risk

Nearly half of babies born to mothers who get bad advice about vaccines don't get immunised on time.

Children's Health

Police drive doctor to life-saving surgery

A critically ill baby was on the other end of Auckland's motorway - so the doctor called for backup.


How wearing jandals could lead to serious health problems

If you like the classic Kiwi summer footwear, it might be time to flip-flop.


Smoking a drag, say Kiwi kids

Young people are more likely to tell their friends to not smoke than they are to promote it, a study has found.

Charlie Gard with his dad

'Our beautiful little boy has gone'

Charlie Gard, the baby at the centre of a long-running legal battle over his health, has died.

Children's Health

Swim school teaches babies to stand

Infants younger than four months old are able to balance upright on their own.

Chickenpox can be fatal - but there's a safe vaccine.

Auckland 'chickenpox party' horrifies doctor

She's calling it "bio-terrorism".

Dusting, cleaning

Dust is making us fat - research

Could dust be to blame for the obesity epidemic? A new study says it's playing a part.

Prem baby

Prem babies focus of new research

Parents of premature babies will have a better idea of what the future holds for their children.

Children's Health

Charlie's parents 'looking forward' to court return

Doctors said the proposed experimental treatment would only cause the baby to suffer.

Friends of the Earth is using the phrase "nanoparticles" to scare people without a good reason, says Michelle Dickinson.

Nanoparticles in baby formula nothing to worry about - scientist

Scientists say nanoparticles are present in lots of our food.

Cot death

Most cot deaths still preventable - report

There were 44 SUDI cases in 2015, compared with 250 a year in the 1980s.

Children's Health

Study shows 'allergy bullies' on the rise in schools

Kids have had their sandwiches spiked with peanut butter.

Girl eats ice block

Kids not getting their five-a-day at preschool - study

Preschoolers aren't getting enough variety or nutrition, study finds.

Cheese board food (Getty)

British kids think cheese comes from plants

The poll also found 3 percent of five-to eight-year-olds thought chocolate belonged in the fruit and vegetables group.

Children's Health

Coke's new drink uses aspartame - so is it safe?

Coke No Sugar - a sign Coca-Cola cares for your health, or just a savvy business move?