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Gareth Morgan wants your money, so he can give it to someone else.

Why Gareth Morgan wants you to give him your super payments

The money won't be spent on new toys for the millionaire though.


Babies who look like their dads end up healthier - study

Fathers are more likely to put in the effort if the kid looks like them.

The study involved 429 primary and intermediate students and 117 adolescent girls in Dunedin.

Kiwi kids reluctant to ride to school - study

Even after lessons on how to ride in traffic, most avoided bikes.

Nearly 10 percent had been victim to substantiated abuse or neglect.

One in four Kiwi kids involved with child protection services

Nearly 10 percent had been victim to substantiated abuse or neglect.

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Psychiatrist to child abuse victims: 'You're not alone and it's not your fault'

Dr Robert Llewellyn-Jones was himself abused as a student in the 1970s.

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Lawyers investigating after Russian toddler filmed smoking

Laughter can be heard off-camera from apparent adult observers.

The disease is particularly dangerous for children less than a year old.

Whooping cough epidemic possible, docs say

Thousands of babies could be exposed if parents do not vaccinate themselves.

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'Adulthood' doesn't begin until mid-20s - scientists

Scientists are arguing we should extend our definition of adolescence to 24.


'Baby brain' is real, but no excuse - study

Mothers-to-be who blame brain fades on the fact they're pregnant aren't making it up, new research has found.

The Pope baptises a baby in the Sistine Chapel.

Breastfeeding in Sistine Chapel okay with the Pope

"If they start performing a concert... breastfeed them, don't be afraid," Francis told mothers.

The decrease was small, but the first in a long time.

Drop in Kiwi childhood obesity

Research has found a slight decrease in the number of overweight four-year-olds.

Tracey Martin

Minister questions need for education review

A look at how special-needs children are treated by the education system is due in 2018.

Vanellope Hope was born with the rare condition Ectopia cordis.

Miracle baby born with heart outside body

"We didn't dare breathe until she took her first breath," her father said.

Moko Rangitoheriri died in 2015.

NZ ignored systems to fight child neglect - Commissioner

Andrew Becroft says fixing NZ's horrific child abuse statistics won't require reinventing the wheel.

Moko Rangitoheriri.

Coroner calls for childcare revamp after brutal Moko death

Wallace Bain thought he had already seen his worst abuse case - he was wrong.

Not all sunscreens are created equal, so hats are essential in the sun.

Few children slap on a hat - research

Only one in five children wear a wide-brimmed hat while outside at school, new research shows.

Mikala and Deri Boyce-Slezak.

Couple 'microwaved' baby

They said it was a rash, but US prosecutors say it's a burn - caused by a microwave.

See how New Zealanders battled depression with the help of loved ones.

11yo Dublin girl dies after sharing haunting details on Instagram

She told her friends and followers the date she wanted to die.

Fonterra has to pay $183 million.

Danone ruling will hit farmers in the pocket

Dairy farmers will lose around $16,000 each as Fonterra cuts dividends to cough up the money.

Lance O'Sullivan.

Ban pokies to reduce child poverty - Lance O'Sullivan

The high-profile doctor says getting rid of pokies will save lives in poor areas like Northland.