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Study finds older men need more protein.

Study finds older men need more protein

Good news for meat lovers.

Cigarettes and alcohol - not good for your looks.

Cigarettes and alcohol rob us of our youth - study

Sorry, Oasis - if you want to look young, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

Mens Health

Bizarre way for men to clear blocked noses

The life hack really could work, doctors say.

Rakesh Chawdhry (centre) is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

Christchurch doctor denies indecently assaulting male patients

Rakesh Chawdry is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

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Schools snub Movember appeal

Organisers asked 178 schools to relax their facial hair rules, but they're not so keen.

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Women are better sleepers than men - study

New research shows the importance of a good night's sleep.

Fathers, Baby

Why new Kiwi fathers fear taking parental leave - study

It suggests an imbalance in the workplace between men and women.

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Call for dedicated men's health strategy in New Zealand

Researchers have said NZ needs better gendered health care.

Alcine Chan Mei Zhi and Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan.

A beer that helps your belly

Researchers have brewed up a beer containing probiotic bacteria that can improve gut health.

Over 40 years, sperm counts have dropped by half in New Zealand.

Kiwi male sperm count drops by half

"Poor lifestyle choices" are being blamed.

A neighbour shared a photo of Mr Opiyo's testes on Facebook.

Kenyan with 'world's largest testicles' gets life-changing surgery

Forence Owiti Opiyo testicles were about ten times larger than the average - almost totally enclosing his penis.

The effect was comparable to amitriptyline, with fewer side effects.

Marijuana: Magic for migraines?

Move over magic mushrooms, there's another unlikely cure in town.

Men watch sports

Kiwi should play sport instead of watching it - expert

Guys are being urged to get off the couch ahead of Men's Health Week.


NZ HIV rates at all-time high

The number of diagnoses in 2016 was the highest for any one year prompting warnings.

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World's 'oldest human ever' dies 'aged 146'

A heavy smoker who claims to have been born in 1870 has died in his village in Indonesia.

Mens Health

Kieran Read on men's mental health: 'Just reach out'

"Find anyone that you can trust, talk to them, and it will help."

Caucasian father holding newborn

Kiwi dads suffering pre- and post-natal depression

It's not only women who suffer from postnatal depression - men can get it too.

Male breast cancer

Male breast cancer more common than boating deaths

For men over 50 it happens more than you'd think.

Donald Trump hair drug US president

Trump's doctor reveals the secret behind his hair

US president takes a prostate-related drug that stimulates hair growth

The suicide rate for Māori males aged 15-24 is twice that of non-Māori (file)

Maori suicide rates up dramatically since 1980s

The suicide rate for Maori males aged 15-24 is twice that of non-Maori of the same age.