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Porn's destroying Kiwi kids, and we need to own the issue

Psychologists say it's reached crisis level - and men need to fix it, writes Jesse Mulligan.

Mens Health

Hole discovered in Irish man's brain

Yet the 84-year-old is still alive and kicking.

Research shows women aged 55 and over ranked high in life and job satisfaction and their work-life balance.

Middle-aged women have best work-life balance, research suggests

But younger men and women are struggling.

Man hand covering his crotch

Study finds huge number of men suffer from curved penises

"Many GPs don't have any understanding about the condition."

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Donald Trump's hair-raising reveal

He showed the cameras a little too much while boarding Air Force One.

Mike King slammed the National govt for making suicide prevention "more complicated than it is".

Friends of suicide victims opt to suffer in silence - study

"They chose to keep quiet, be stoical."


The painkiller that could stop you becoming a dad

An over-the-counter painkiller could be dulling more than your headache, new research has found.

Doctors perform the procedure.

Laser penis whitening 'not necessary', doctors warn

A hospital in Thailand is under fire for offering the risky procedure.

Doctors are concerned at Santa's prolific drinking and eating over Christmas.

Santa overweight binge drinker with possible mental health issues - doctors

Healthcare professionals are pleading Father Christmas to limit his alcohol and calorie intake on Monday.

Health experts recommend no more than four drinks at an occasion.

Drunk people have little clue how drunk they are

The more you drink, the less you're able to judge how much you've had, study finds.

Crate Day - harmless fun or harmful pest?

Crate Day: Emergency services on high alert

Promoters say it's about celebrating the start of summer, but health officials want it gone.

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New Zealand's shocking HIV statistics

There was a nine percent rise in HIV infections last year.

Close up portrait of mid adult man is curling up his handle bar mustache on gray background.The model has curly hair and looking at the camera.Shot with a full frame DSLr camera in studio.

Movember reaps record rewards - now for the razor

For many, the men's health message has become more personal.

Study finds older men need more protein.

Study finds older men need more protein

Good news for meat lovers.

Cigarettes and alcohol - not good for your looks.

Cigarettes and alcohol rob us of our youth - study

Sorry, Oasis - if you want to look young, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

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Bizarre way for men to clear blocked noses

The life hack really could work, doctors say.

Rakesh Chawdhry (centre) is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

Christchurch doctor denies indecently assaulting male patients

Rakesh Chawdry is accused of assaulting the men over a four-year period.

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Schools snub Movember appeal

Organisers asked 178 schools to relax their facial hair rules, but they're not so keen.

Mens Health

Women are better sleepers than men - study

New research shows the importance of a good night's sleep.

Fathers, Baby

Why new Kiwi fathers fear taking parental leave - study

It suggests an imbalance in the workplace between men and women.