Mental Health

Mental Health initiatives

Govt announces $100m into mental health initiatives

Just-released papers state each year one in five New Zealanders experience psychological distress or a mental disorder.

She posted a heartbreaking video while waiting for the ambulance to pick her up.

Sinead O'Connor in hospital after latest cry for help

The troubled Irish singer posted a heartbreaking video while waiting for the ambulance to pick her up.

The simple things work best to fight mental illness stigma and discrimination.

Taking the load off mental illness

"My mum gave me a hug... it was the most powerful support I could have received at that moment."

The Irish singer poured out her heart in a moving Facebook video.

Sinead O'Connor 'safe' after alarming cry for help

The Irish singer-songwriter said she felt "suicidal" in a concerning video posted to her Facebook page.


Bright light linked to bad financial decisions

Could this be why shoppers at malls are bathed in a constant, bright white light?

Even when they're not smoking, marijuana users are less stressed.

Pot smokers less stressed, even when sober

Cortisol levels are lower and barely go up when they're stressed, new research has found.

Image of young man during psychological therapy

Mental health disclosures could cost you life insurance

It could impact anyone who has talked to their doctor about depression - even just once.

Mental health billboards in Northcote.

Cheeky billboards protest Govt's mental health record

At first glance they look like the National Party's work.

Ticking clock

Pay someone to do your chores, you'll be happier - study

Any dollars you can swap for time are dollars well spent, research has found.

Mental Health

Plus-sized blogger reacts to 'cruel' abuse after Vogue feature

Obese fashionista Callie Thorpe was trolled over her weight and looks.

David Slack with Mary-Margaret on RadioLIVE.

To The Bone dangerous 'thinspiration' - anorexia survivor

Filmmakers "have literally made a visual ideal for young girls".

Synthetic cannabis is killing people.

End poverty and people won't smoke synthetics - campaigner

Entrenched poverty is behind the synthetic cannabis epidemic, it has been claimed.

Kelly Savage.

Kiwi's death sparks debate in Japan

Kelly Savage was sent to a psychiatric hospital and strapped to the bed by the legs, wrists and waist.

A man tends to his mother while wearing a traditional Chinese dress.

Chinese man dresses as dead sister to keep mother happy

He's been living as a woman for 20 years to help his mentally ill mother cope.

Mental Health

Kiwi restrained for days in Japan dies

He died after being strapped to a bed in a psych ward for 10 days, but the hospital's denying responsibility.

Ms Parker was pleasantly surprised by her CEO's response.

CEO's amazing response to mental health days

He said the employee was "an example to us all".

Ezekiel Raui lost five friends to suicide.

Student's mental health plan approved by Government

The programme trains students to talk to each other about mental health.

Mental Health

MoH reject allegations it misled John Key over suicide crisis

In 2012, 19 young people committed suicide in Northland

Alison was kept in a psychiatric institution for decades, despite not being mentally ill.

Woman wrongly locked up as mentally ill for decades

Alison is calling for a commission of inquiry after suffering years of abuse in state care.

The effect was comparable to amitriptyline, with fewer side effects.

Marijuana: Magic for migraines?

Move over magic mushrooms, there's another unlikely cure in town.