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Women's Health

Tauranga photographer to document women's trauma in new book

Charmaine Marinkovich wants to remind females going through hard times "they're not alone".

Watch a registered nurse explain why she supports the use of medicinal cannabis.

The endometriosis sufferers turning to cannabis for relief

The condition causes chronic pain, and can go undiagnosed for years.

Portrait of a smiling, pregnant East Indian woman holding her belly

A couple of drinks when you're pregnant really isn't that bad

Pregnant women endure a barrage of advice, but much of the evidence doesn't hold up, writes Maggie Wicks.

Women's Health

Report slams Twitter's response to online harassment

The '#toxictwitter' report calls out social media giant over response to online abuse of women.

The NZ College of Midwives says the country needs places like Lumsden Maternity Centre.

Midwives fight closure of Southland birthing unit

The NZ College of Midwives says the country needs places like Lumsden Maternity Centre.

Ms Marroquín is released from prison.

Woman released after 14 years in prison for stillbirth

She was a victim of El Salvador's harsh anti-abortion laws.

Research shows women aged 55 and over ranked high in life and job satisfaction and their work-life balance.

Middle-aged women have best work-life balance, research suggests

But younger men and women are struggling.

Women's Health

Radio stars Sharyn and Bryce Casey share their baby story

They tried for five years before they were able to have a baby.

Women's Health

Women take to social media to share worst period stories

The tales come as a doctor compares the pain of menstruation to a heart attack.

Pregnant woman examining by a doctor with a stethoscope

Struggle for midwives as demand booms

Some midwives are forced to turn away mums-to-be.

Women's Health

Female-only resort island to open in Finland

No boys allowed.

Women's Health

NZ Women's Hospital's 'Unfortunate Experiment' details revealed

Eight women with cancer died after they were refused treatment as part of a cruel study.

Chidera Eggerue

London Instagrammer leading movement for 'Saggy Boobs'

She's sick of unrealistic pictures of boobs in the media.

Close up of woman eating nachos/corn chips seen from side with white background

Doritos backtracks on 'lady-friendly', less crunchy chip plans

Rumours of a non-finger-lickable snack are "inaccurate", it says.

Cancer survivor Hannah Dhanaraj says the best approach isn't to minimise the struggle.

How to respond well to a friend's cancer diagnosis

Pro tip: Don't pretend you know what they're going through, unless you actually do.

Backshot of a girl sitting on the shore of an idylic beach

Kiwi women lacking vitamin D - study

It's affecting both bone health and growth, Otago University says.

When 20-year-old Emily Pankhurst began feeling unwell, she assumed it was just exam stress.

Student almost dies after leaving tampon in for nine days

She was rushed to intensive care with toxic shock syndrome and blood poisoning.

Mark Richardson gives his latest take on Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy.

Richardson breaks silence on Ardern's pregnancy

"Is there any real need for me to say anything?" he asked.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett revealed she has undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Paula Bennett gets gastric bypass

"Haters can hate," she said of critics who have delivered "cruel" jibes about her weight in the past.

The videos detailed how to safely and effectively perform an abortion using drug Mifepristone.

YouTube accused of censoring 'lifesaving' abortion information

It allegedly removed video channels with information about safe home-abortion methods.