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Unisex bathrooms

Unisex loos mean no more queues

Researchers have found a simple fix for the age-old problem of queues outside the women's loos.

How much does being a girl cost?

Verity Johnson: I calculated just how much being a woman costs me...

It's expensive to be a girl, but figuring out the real cost is complicated.

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Gal Gadot releases Wonder Woman workout video

That amazing physique sure doesn't look like it came easy.

Period blood artist Zoe James

Period blood art to be displayed at Ponsonby menstruation meeting

The event will discuss the financial accessibility of menstrual products as well as unveil the artwork.

Superhero woman

Putin says only women have bad days - that just makes us stronger

Wendyl Nissen waves a red rag at Putin's bull.

womens health menstruation periods sanitary products getty

Make sanitary bins standard in primary schools - researcher

It's hoped new data will help fix the inconsistent approach.

woman holding basket of vegetables

Raw vegan bloggers slammed for claims periods are 'toxic'

"What if I told you that everything you were taught about menstrual cycles was a complete LIE?!"

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Is it time to bust stigma with a period emoji?

A charity says a dedicated emoji would make talking about periods more comfortable.

Women's Health

Tara Brown's legacy lives on

Natalie Hinton faces the unenviable task of telling her 5yo grand-daughter what happened to her mum.

Laboratory Fertilization Of Eggs In IVF Treatment Close Up

Delaying motherhood? This test could save you from heartache

There's a blood test that could tell you how many eggs you have left.

The US FDA warned in 2013 that valproate should not be taken during pregnancy (Getty)

More evidence linking epilepsy drug to birth defects

NZ's Medsafe says the dangers of epilepsy outweigh the risk of birth defects caused by valproate.

Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga and 100 other artists sign guitar for Planned Parenthood fundraiser

102 artists sign guitar for Planned Parenthood

The unprecedented collection of musicians is standing up for women's health.


Midwives' perinatal mental health 'knowledge gap'

72 percent of women weren't assessed for depression or anxiety by their midwife during or after pregnancy.

Michelle Dickinson (Newshub.)

Scientist tears into anti-fluoride activist

An MP received an email blaming her miscarriages on fluoride. Nanogirl explains why that's plain wrong.

Julie Anne Genter (Facebook/supplied)

MP's miscarriages blamed on fluoride

Julie Anne Genter says an email linking fluoride to her miscarriages is a 'new low'.

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Is it time for abortion law reform?

Nicola Kean talks to women about their abortion experiences and whether the law is still fit for purpose.

Women's Health

Actresses in their 30s 'don't eat'

Film star Emma Thompson has hit out at "evil" bodyshaming Hollywood producers.

Women's Health

Pregnancy test linked to birth defects

A drug used by thousands of mothers greatly increased the chances of birth defects, it has been claimed.

Women's Health

Pharmac considers funding women's sanitary products

The cost leaves some resorting to ripping up newspapers or telephone books.

Norma McCorvey (Reuters)

Roe, of Roe vs Wade fame, dies aged 69

Abortion rights activist Norma McCorvey, who switched sides later in life, has died.