Spark, Netflix in broadband subscription deal

spark netflix internet television
Customers could also opt the pricier premium plan for around 10 months (Getty)

Kiwis can now get a whole year of Netflix and chill under a new Spark deal with the internet television giant.

New broadband subscribers who sign up for a 24-month unlimited plan will get a one-year standard subscription.

The telco will continue to offer its own streaming service Lightbox.

Spark home mobile and business chief executive Jason Paris says customers stand to get around $62 a month of extra products, offers and services under the plan which also includes $11 movie tickets.

The Netflix deal comes as a credit on the customer's account; they can also opt for the premium version for around 10 months instead.  

Existing customers can get the deal when the sign up to a new 24-month unlimited plan regardless of how far they are into their current contract.


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