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Family members and friends were left worried as they waited for the plane to land.

10 injured as plane goes into 'freefall'

"They'd *just* handed out drinks… They'll be hosing this out for hours," one passenger said.

The canton of Grisons, Switzerland.

Teens killed in mountain plane crash

Two 14-year-old boys and a pilot have died in Switzerland when their plane crashed into a mountain.

Memorial for MH370.

Hunt for MH370 could be back on

A US seabed exploration firm has offered to take on the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Inside an airplane

People getting bigger, but airline seats getting smaller

A judge has called it "the case of the incredible shrinking airline seat".

Planes fly over Maho Beach at a very low altitude.

Disgust at video of Kiwi woman dying on beach

She died after being knocked over by a jet engine blast in the Caribbean.

Wreckage of the ill-fated MH17 flight.

Charges over MH17 attack expected soon

Malaysia hopes suspects in the downing of flight MH17 will face charges by the end of the year.

Thermal image of airplane

Rising temps could ground airline industry

Airlines may be forced to cut passengers, cargo or fuel with rising temps and heatwaves.

American Airlines, France

Woman says she was forced to sit next to masturbating man

She was sleeping while the man allegedly touched himself.

Not Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart photo proved false

A photo allegedly showing the famed aviator in Japanese custody was published years before she went missing.

Scoot, Airlines, Wheelchair

Airline rejects wheelchair passengers

Scoot was meant to be a cheap option for travellers but it seems it's not for all.

Virgin Atlantic romp

Passengers caught after suspected mile-high romp

The couple was videoed exiting a plane bathroom mid-flight.

Pillows are still allowed.

Jetstar and Qantas ban children seat extensions from flights

The new ban applies in New Zealand too.

Amelia Earhart - gone but not forgotten.

Lost photo could solve Amelia Earhart mystery

The famed lost aviator was captured by the Japanese, stunning new evidence suggests.


Baby delivered mid-flight gets free trips for 21 years

The airline also waived the ticket price for the unexpected passenger.

Bishop International Airport

Knife attack at Michigan airport

A witness says he saw an officer bleeding from his neck and a knife nearby on the ground.

An Airbus 319

Terror fear on flight to London a false alarm

Passengers said men reading a magazine called Kill were discussing bombs.

A Y-8 turboprop of same kind as the one missing.

Myanmar military plane missing, 120 on board

There are fears it may have crashed into the ocean.

waiting in the airport

The simple trick to finding cheaper flights

You could save more than $100.

The US plans to "raise the bar" on airline security (Getty)

US considers total laptop flight ban

Official says if most people knew the extent of the security threat, they would "never leave the house".

Elvis Presley's Jetstar plane (GSW Auctioneers)

Elvis jet auction fails to hit high notes

A private jet once used by Elvis Presley has sold well below its estimate at auction.