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Kristine Bartlett on The AM Show.

Jetstar hits NZer of the Year with extra flight fees 3 hours ago

Kristine Bartlett made a mistake in her booking, but the airline didn't care. At least, at first.

epaselect epa06541998 Volcanic ashes from Mount Sinabung as seen from Berastagi, Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia, 19 February 2018. Mount Sinabung erupted on 19 February, blowing volcanic ash more than 5,000 meters the sky. Sinabung is one of the most active volcanos in Indonesia. It erupted in 2010 and since then killed 17 people in eruptions in 2014 and another nine people in 2016.  EPA/TIBTA NANGIN

Aviation warnings over Sumatra volcano

The Indonesian volcano has sent a towering plume of ash into the air.

Emergency services rushed to the scene on Saturday afternoon.

Killed paraglider was a local

A paraglider who died after hitting rock at Mt Maunganui on Saturday afternoon was a local pilot.

Auckland Airport.

Auckland Airport wants second, bigger runway

Affected residents will be offered a 'noise mitigation package'.


Beautiful old car with tragic history on show in Auckland

Its history took many twists.


Giant penis mapped in sky a 'regular flying pattern'

It had internet users baffled, but it's actually completely normal.


Erebus families condemn new Air NZ safety video

The airline's new video is set in Antarctica, close to where the Erebus disaster took place.

Air NZ

'Incompetent' Air NZ slammed after cancelling cheap tickets

Air NZ said the prices were a mistake, but holidaymakers are furious.

The P-750 XSTOL was spotted in 2016 at an air show.

Hamilton company to be sentenced for breaking North Korean sanctions

Pacific Aerospace was caught providing planes and parts to the hermit state.


Emirates saves struggling A380

It's saved the world's biggest passenger jet from death row .

Donald Trump's latest gaffe has gamers in stitches.

Does Trump play Call of Duty?

The US President says the US has sold 'F-52' jets to Norway - but they aren't real.


Flyer wipes faeces on the walls

The international flight was abandoned, with the toilets rendered unusable.


Jetstar passenger dies on flight to Auckland

The airline was recently rated one of the world's safest low-cost carriers.

US president Donald Trump.

Trump takes credit for lack of plane crashes in 2017

No commercial flights crashed anywhere in the world last year.


Airline safety was 'remarkable' in 2017 - report

The fatal accident rate is one for every 16 million flights.

Te Kopuru

Two killed after plane crashes in Northland

It crashed at Te Kopuru in Kaipara, police say.

Nature Air website.

Costa Rica plane crash leaves 12 dead

Ten tourists and two local pilots were killed in the accident.

The identities of the victims are yet to be released.

Six dead in Sydney seaplane tragedy

It's not known what caused the crash at Jerusalem Bay.

The Pentagon spent US$22 million.

Pentagon's secret UFO research unit unveiled

The Pentagon spent tens of millions of dollars on it, and few people knew - until now.

Refining New Zealand has closed its aviation fuel pipeline after a potential leak.

Potential leak in aviation fuel pipeline

Refining New Zealand's pipeline has now been reopened after no leaks were found.