Energy Sector News


China moves towards a green future

The president has staked his reputation on a more renewables-focussed China.


Genesis Energy's $1.20 cheque baffles customers

The cheque can't be cashed at a bank.


Victoria University a finalist for energy efficiency award

The Rankine Brown and Hub buildings have been recogniz=sed for their low environmental impact.


Solar power to light up Auckland's Harbour Bridge

A central part of Auckland's cityscape is set to get a major facelift.

An electricity line is crossing green mountain slopes in Switzerland (Getty)

Swiss voters back renewable energy

They've backed subsidies on solar and wind, and a ban on new nuclear stations.


Southern Alpine Fault's heat a potential game changer

The earth is five times hotter than scientists expected, and could bring economic reward to the West Coast.

Tesla Model X 90D (Getty)

How many cars you know roll like this?

Electric car drivers on Sunday will try to break the NZ record for the largest number gathered in one place.

Donald Trump Getty

Trump avoids govt shutdown, plans more drilling

Congress voted to pass an emergency spending bill that will keep the US government up and running.

Drax Power Station is the largest and most efficient coal fired power station in the UK. (Photo by: Loop Images/UIG via Getty Images)

UK goes a day without coal

Not since the Industrial Revolution has that happened.


Oil protestors block entrance to New Plymouth industry conference

Minister Judith Collins claims the protesters have been "disrespectful".


Aussie politicians in brutal slanging match

It's one of the most excruciatingly awkward press conferences ever.

Solar panel installation

Home solar power surges in popularity

There were nine times the number of installations in 2016 than four years ago.

Elon Musk (Getty)

Gigafactory touted as an energy gamechanger

Elon Musk touts new 'Gigafactory' as a gamechanger for renewable energy.


Govt chips in $100M for Pacific Islands' electricity

Dozens of donors have pledged more than $1 billion to help improve access to electricity across the Pacific.


Electricity Authority 'trying to be fair'

Prime Minister John Key says the Electricity Authority is trying to be fair with its price-change proposals.

Huntly Power Station (Getty)

Activists slam Meridian over coal deal

Anti-coal activists are aghast there will be four more years of coal-fired electricity production at Genesis Energy's power station in Huntly.


Kiwi firm turning CO2 into something valuable

Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions, but a new processing plant in Northland will turn some of that waste into a clean and useful resource for primary industries.


Starbucks, Nike join renewable energy push

Major US companies including Walmart, Starbucks and Nike have vowed to move completely to renewable energy in the long term as part of a global effort against climate change.


Italy's Eni finds giant Egypt gas field

The Italian energy company Eni SpA has announced it has discovered a "super giant" natural gas field off Egypt, describing it as the largest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Stuart Nash (file)

Labour MP wants petrol price inquiry

Labour MP Stuart Nash has renewed his call for an inquiry into petrol prices.