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A basket of vegetables.

Is this the best vegetable for you?

Doctor in the UK says one common staple affects a very important part of the body.

GirGuides NZ to stop making iconic biscuits.

Girl Guides to stop selling iconic biscuits

Time to stock up.

The chocolate business is booming for Whittaker's.

Whittaker's releases new, even better caramel chocolates

There are two delicious flavours for Kiwi chocolate lovers.

Restaurant Association general manager Nicola Waldren spoke to The AM Show on Monday morning.

Restaurants banning children aren't breaking the law - Restaurant Association

An Akaroa bistro banning kids sparked fierce debate.

Food and Beverage

Sugar has an effect on memory - study

It's mostly temporary, but some subjects were never the same.

A Te Atatu couple found what seemed to be a baked cockroach in some nut and seed snacks.

Parents find baked cockroach in baby's food

The horrifying discovery came in a snack pack of nuts and seeds from Alison's Pantry.

Most raw chicken is contaminated with Campylobacter.

How to cook the Campylobacter out of your chicken

Celebrity chef Annabelle White showed The Project her top tips to steer clear of food poisoning.

A second video has emerged showing alleged racism at Starbucks.

Second 'racist' Starbucks video emerges

The coffee shop is accused of racial profiling - again.

An UberEats bike.

Restaurateur quits UberEats in fiery Facebook post

"This is a truly evil company and it's destroying our beautiful Australian restaurant culture."

The tarantula burger.

Would you eat this?

Believe it or not this tarantula burger is so popular people need to go on a ballot to get one.

We're a nation of caffeine fiends - but do you know what it takes to create the best?

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

We're a nation of caffeine fiends - but do you know what it takes to brew the best?

The truck driver and his dog are uninjured after colliding with a parked car.

200,000 chicken nuggets given to Salvation Army after crash

The battered treats were initially written off, but the story had a happy ending.

Some careers aren't as well-paid as you might imagine.

The jobs that pay less than you'd expect

Lawyers, pilots and gourmet chefs all tend to have lower salaries than assumed.

Alaina Marie Limpert, 25, admitted to cooking mac and cheese with THC for her husband, but says was unaware that he gave some to their daughter.

Woman charged with child abuse after daughter eats THC mac and cheese

She says she was unaware her two-year-old ate any of the dish.

Empty plate

Eat less, live longer?

A new study has found it works in lemurs, so could calorie restriction work for people?

An Australian food blogger found a piece of glass in her takeaway noodles.

Food blogger finds glass in takeaway noodles

She claims the restaurant was unhelpful, and others have had similar negative experiences.


Bar owner wants Easter liquor laws changed

"Not everyone follows the same religion anymore."

The law forbids most sales of alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Where and when you can and can't buy alcohol this Easter weekend

You better get down to the bottle store right away, unless you're prepared to jump through these loopholes.

The supposedly offending advert.

Viewer complains about finger-lickin' gross KFC ad

They didn't like how it showed "a sloppy man wandering down a street in a sloppy bath robe".

Costa Coffee launched the 'Flat White Family' range which includes something called a 'flat black'.

UK coffee shop panned for its weird spin on NZ's flat white

Costa Coffee's bizarre drink has bean roasted online.