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Former chef to the stars keeping Scott Base full and happy

He's cooked for Madonna, now he's feeding Kiwis in Antarctica.

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Bakery chain replaces Jesus with sausage roll

Three wise men crowd around the savoury in a nativity scene that's been condemned by Christians.

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The smoothie bowl almost too good to eat

An Auckland foodie has been turning smoothie bowls into art.

The restaurant will be suspended above Queens Wharf for three weeks.

Floating restaurant coming to Auckland

Dinner in the Sky takes fine dining to new heights.

The target was reached within 48 hours.

Dunedin's chocolate company crowd funding hits $2m pledge

The target was reached within 48 hours.

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Location where humans first brewed wine discovered

It turns out humans have been enjoying wine for the past 8000 years.

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Christchurch sausage-maker meats his destiny

Corey Winder will be attempting to break the world record for the most sausages made in a minute.

Hamburger and french fries for unhealthy lunch

Kiwi kids visit food outlets twice a day - study

A third of New Zealand children are overweight or obese.

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Nando's restaurant in Auckland closed after cockroaches found

The West City Waitakere store will hold an E-grade food rating for at least 90 days.

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My Food Bag's Halloween hiccup leaves Aucklanders hungry

Customers took to social media to complain.

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Scarfie student-inspired cookbook to hit shelves

The book will showcase the best entries from a university cooking contest.

Kiwi-made butter is in hot demand amid a global shortage.

Butter me up, New Zealand

Kiwi-made butter is in hot demand amid a global shortage.

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Cadbury chocolate spreads arrive in New Zealand

There are limited stocks of milk chocolate, Crunchie and caramel flavoured spread.

The fight was caught on camera.

Smack'nSave: Customers brawl in supermarket

A crowd of shoppers watched on as customers squared off in the Mangere store.

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Christchurch red zone use for livestock a concern

Using the contaminated soil for food production is one of 10 options.

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NZ's tastiest sausage announced

The Government wasn't the only big decision made last night.


The NZ ingredient that has Chinese tea fans queuing for hours

There's a secret Kiwi-made ingredient that's driving tea drinkers crazy.

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Six Kiwi-made confectioneries for you if you're boycotting Cadbury

Newshub has found NZ-made lollies to swap with Cadbury.

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Potato shortage blamed on wet weather

Kiwis might have to go without potato chips this Christmas.

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Fruit producer selling 'low-fat' avocado

A new avocado reportedly has 30 percent less fat.