It's not just sales that have dropped, prices are easing too.

Dramatic drop in housing sales nationwide

It's not just sales that have dropped, prices are easing too.

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler announced on Thursday morning the rate will remain stable.

Official cash rate left unchanged

It remains at 1.75 percent.

A Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL aircraft was spotted at a North Korea last year.

Hamilton company charged over links to North Korea

An aircraft built by Pacific Aerospace turned up at an air show in North Korea last year.

The housing price boom has been brought to a halt for now.

Auckland housing growth at slowest level in five years

Queenstown is now the most expensive region to buy a home in across the country.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Amazon wobbles hit wider market

An earnings miss by Amazon has rippled through other markets.


Uber fires driver filmed in sex act while driving

The company gave the passenger a free $10 ride as compensation.


Mark Richardson's blunt advice to first-home buyers

The AM Show co-host quickly prompted strong debate from his colleagues.

Prices have dropped by up to 16 percent per litre in just the last month alone.

New Zealanders burnt by low petrol prices - AA

Prices have dropped by up to 16 percent per litre in just the last month alone.

Graeme Wheeler

Record low OCR unchanged

Despite economic growth, global political uncertainty remains a challenge, RBNZ says.

The Ken doll now comes with a man-bun or cornrows, if that tickles your fancy.

Ken finally gets a makeover

The new range features man buns and dad-bods.

The Ryanair staffer.

Passenger booted from Ryanair flight for making attendant cry

"What's funny? Is it your attitude? That's the only thing that's funny. It stinks."


Uber sacks 20 staff after sexual harassment probe

Seven others are on their final warnings.


Air NZ mocks Qantas with new Lions ad

It comes less than two years after the two airlines bet on the outcome of the Rugby World Cup final.


Terrifying Auckland haunted house promo goes global

A promotional video for an Auckland amusement park has surpassed all expectations, going viral on a worldwide scale.


Behind the KitKats: Top chocolatier reveals trade secrets

Who knew it is this simple?


McDonald's pulls 'disgusting' dead father advert

The UK commercial has drawn comparisons with Kendall Jenner's hugely offensive Pepsi ad.

3D render of a robot trying to solve a wooden cube puzzle

Students face career battle with robots for jobs

In just 20 years up to half of New Zealand's jobs could completely disappear.

Twitter Carter Wilkerson United Airlines

United latches onto viral nuggets tweet, gets slammed

The airline's poorly timed tweet saw its recent controversies dragged back into the spotlight.


Qantas CEO gets cream pie to face during speech

The head honcho of Australian airline says he doesn't know what it was about.


Auckland property tycoon denies predatory sales tactics

Ron Fong tells investors to target the dumb, desperate, and divorcing.