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There are 29 criteria which a house must pass to get the WOF tick.

Would your home pass the rental home WOF test?

Find out whether your home's good enough to rent out, or needs some work.

It's not just sales that have dropped, prices are easing too.

Dramatic drop in housing sales nationwide

It's not just sales that have dropped, prices are easing too.

LVR restrictions, limit the amount of lending banks can do to borrowers with small or non-existent deposits.

Plummeting house sales prompt call to ease up on first-home buyers

They face an "intimidating barrier" to ownership, REINZ says.

Grant Tucker has posted condoms, faeces, broken glass and sanitary pads in the mail.

Appeal flushed for poo posting property agent

Grant Tucker was also found guilty of posting soiled sanitary pads and a condom.

To date, agents have been hit with just short of $19m in court-imposed penalties in the case.

Price-fixing Hamilton realtor fined $1m

A Hamilton realtor has been ordered to pay $1 million in fines, joining a number of agencies admitting to colluding to pass a fee increase on to customers.

Speculators aren't driving prices up as much as they used to.

Auckland property: Winter blues, or market reversal?

Houses are selling for about $30,000 less than they were a few months ago, reports Barfoot & Thompson.

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Renters at odds with landlords over housing - survey

Half of all rentals are damp or mouldy.

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Record drop in homes on market

Does this spell a real estate bust?

House prices in Auckland have increased hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few years.

Housing price boom over - for now

Fixing the Auckland housing market is being compared to solving a Rubik's cube.

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West Auckland residents plead for boarding house to stay shut

"It's just basically an over-crowded situation with poor living conditions."

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Auctioneer gets online abuse over Winston Peters joke

He said he was sticking up for his profession.

An Auckland real estate agent has received "horrific" comments after making a Facebook post about the sale of a home to overseas buyers, which New Zealand First leader Winston Peters shared.

Criticism of Auckland real estate agent 'horrific'

The agent for Chinese buyers faced a barrage of negative comments, and Winston Peters shared her post.

Scientists say the new accepted limit poses no health risk.

New meth testing standards introduced

Scientists say the new accepted limit poses no health risk.

Fiordland, Property

One of NZ's rarest slices of paradise up for sale

The property is one of only 25 privately-owned sections in Fiordland National Park.

A house with no working toilet, where people pay $230 to live.

Boarding house horrors

Rogue landlords are using the desperation of tenants and a lack of regulation to exploit vulnerable people..

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NZ's property market wasn't easy for our parents either

Did they have to sacrifice as much as us to buy their houses?

Hong Kong parking lot

The almost million-dollar parking spot

Parking is definitely not free in the soaring Hong Kong property market.

Nationally median house prices are up 6.7 percent over the past year to $540,100.

How have house prices changed in your region?

Median prices have risen 20 percent in some areas.

Devonport in Auckland (Getty)

11 new houses a day - is it enough?

The Govt says it'll build 11 new houses a day in Auckland over the next three years.

Sandringham van

This is what $99 a week could get you in Auckland

The minivan is being offered up as a 'room' for rent on Trade Me.