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Japanese trains will bark like dogs and cry like deer

Rail authorities are taking an interesting approach to stop animal collisions on the tracks.

Legal Fling is a 'sexual consent' app that has been called "offensive".

Can sexual consent be given via app?

The makers of a new app say it'll hold up in court, but lawyers aren't so sure.


Pop-up porn malware on Google Play game apps

Malware on 60 apps has already been downloaded up to 7 million times.


Light-carrying drones could spell an end to fireworks displays

The high-tech drones helped light up the Bellagio hotel fountain show in Vegas.


Power cut pulls plug on Vegas gadget expo

The outage was apparently due to a rainstorm knocking out a main power-line.


US gadget convention showcases the best in consumer technology

From home robots to absurdly large TVs, the cutting edge of tech is in Vegas.

Ellen Nold, the manager for support programs for the Apple Link program, at her desk with a Lisa 1.

One of Apple's first computers now selling on eBay

All for the small price of US$55,000.

The two University of Canterbury academics are using 3D-printing technology which allows the cooling process to happen faster in small devices like electronics.

New tech set to have cool impact

Two University of Canterbury academics have come up with technology that could impact design and efficiency in areas such as motorsports and electronics.

This comes after Trump tweeted that he had a "much bigger" nuclear button than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Twitter won't block world leaders

This comes after Trump tweeted that he had a "much bigger" nuclear button than Kim Jong Un.

Mark Zuckerberg has admitted Facebook makes "too many errors".

Mark Zuckerberg vows to fix Facebook

He's admitted the company currently makes "too many errors".

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Could this new technology save New Zealand's waterways?

Scientists may have found a way to do away with time-consuming water testing.

The flaw may make confidential information stored on your computer vulnerable.

Millions of computer processors worldwide contain serious security flaw

The exploit may be used to access confidential information from your computer memory.

Apple has admitted to deliberately slowing its iPhones to make them last longer.

Apple is replacing your dying iPhone battery super cheap

The battery controversy a fortnight ago has seen the price drop by nearly two thirds.

Apple has apologised to its users

Apple says sorry for slow iPhone batteries

"We know you feel let down. We apologise"

A Facebook virus earlier this year sent spam messages to everyone on a user's contact list.

The Trojan virus that can literally melt your phone

It disguises itself as a harmless app, advert or anti-virus software.


iPhone reportedly struggles to tell Chinese users apart

Apple says it has protected against racial bias in its software.


The real reason your iPhone runs slow after an update

Some think it's to force users to buy a new phone, but Apple has a different explanation.

The technology could mean never replacing your phone screen again.

Self-healing glass may end smashed phone screens forever

The fascinating discovery was made accidentally by a Japanese student.

The obsessive need to take selfies is a genuine condition

Study shows 'selfitis' is a real thing

Selfitis - or the obsessive taking of selfies - is a genuine condition.

One in four Kiwi teenage girls were asked for naked pictures in the last year.

Quarter of Kiwi girls asked for nudes in last year

New research into NZ teen ‘sexting’ habits reveals asking for naked pictures is common.