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Close up of Young latin man using smartphone sending emojis. Social concept.

Be careful what you emoji - it could land you in court

A court says the icons can show intent.

Your music's not going anywhere (Getty)

The mp3 is dead - but the music plays on

The mp3 has been declared dead, but don't worry - the dodgy mp3s filling your hard drive will still work.

BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 15:  In this photo illustration model Bitcoins are seen on February 15, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

'Unhackable' currency Ether soars 1000 pct

Ether , a Bitcoin alternative, is the hot pick on online exchanges.

Hong Kong, China - March 10th, 2011: The facebook homepage, focusing on the logo, displaying on a Mac Safari browser. Facebook is the largest social media network on the web.

Facebook goes down in NZ, Australia

The brief outage left people unable to post their very important updates.


Monkey business: Forget Apple, here's the Banana Phone

Tired of talking on your Apple iPhone? How about swapping it for a banana?

Eva Sherwood (@sherwoodeva/Twitter)

Oracle exec: We need more Kiwi women in tech

Just 3 percent of 15-year-old New Zealand schoolgirls consider a career in tech, research shows.


Future of virtual reality showcased at Auckland expo

All the big players from Google to Facebook are investing heavily in VR.

Facebook website social media generic (Getty)

Facebook to launch original shows - report

Some would be short but others would "feel at home on TV".


Facial mapping software moves into mainstream

Actors are taking out 'digital insurance' so they get paid after they die.


Kiwis prefer larger phones - study

Samsung's flagship phones are available in New Zealand from today.

Vodafone outage across Auckland

Vodafone outage across Auckland, Northland fixed

It lasted 16 minutes.


VR lets new generation step back in time

The world's second-oldest merchant ship is being brought into the 21st century.

Mindreading man with a crazy tinfoil hat

The power of thought: From your brain onto Facebook

Facebook has revealed it has dozens of engineers working on mind-reading technology.


Snapchat unveils new World Lenses feature

The new 3D filters can be added to any scene, and are anchored to real-life objects.


Rubbish company makes shift to electric trucks

A company that collects your rubbish is leading the drive to electrify New Zealand's transport fleet.


Adorable robotic critter aims to be your newest companion

Its name is MiRo and its creators say it's smarter than the average pet.


Kiwi-made technology could cure cancer

And the scientists behind it say it's as simple as Lego.


Back from the 'dead': Return of the Tamagotchi

Remember that toy you had to constantly take care of?


What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV officially launches in the US… but what is it?


'Jedi' mind trick: The power of thought revealed

Aziz Al-Sa'afin moves a Star Wars BB-8 droid using just his mind.