Technology News

Passenger-carrying drone ready for liftoff 24/01/2017

The sky's the limit when it comes to flying vehicles.

Ed Sheeran (AAP / file)

Redheads rejoice: Your emojis could be coming 23/01/2017

A petition argues that "an important group of people" is missing from the emoji family.

Samsung Group leader Jay Y Lee (Reuters)

Samsung chief faces arrest over bribery charges 16/01/2017

The economic impact an arrest might have will be on officials' minds.

Yahoo is trying to keep the deal on the table following two major hacks (File)

Yahoo set to become Altaba in Verizon deal 10/01/2017

The change hangs on whether the deal goes ahead.

A decade of the iPhone 09/01/2017

The iPhone's come a long way since changing the world - the first time.

Honda's new bike perfect for riding low and slow 06/01/2017

It won't fall over, even if you're not going anywhere.

App brings port into digital age 03/01/2017

It's the first fully digital piloting solution of its kind in Australasia.

Donald Trump

Trump: 'No computer is safe' 02/01/2017

Despite frequently tweeting, the President-elect says he rarely uses email or computers.

amazon echo device alexa murder

Could Amazon's Echo solve a murder? 29/12/2016

The device is always listening but Amazon won't give up its data.

'Virtual wives' on sale in Japan 19/12/2016

Lonely Japanese men have a high-tech new option.

Elon Musk (Getty)

Space pioneer Elon Musk looks underground 18/12/2016

Elon Musk has a new passion: tunnels.

The Mike Tyson-linked company behind your weird calls from Canada 08/12/2016

An outfit claiming to be a stock broking company is behind the spate of weird calls to New Zealanders from Canada - and it's been endorsed by Mike Tyson.

The Kiwi invention that makes watching TV so much better 08/12/2016

A Kiwi invention aims to solve an age-old dilemma: Finding a volume on the TV that lets you hear all the important bits but doesn't blast you away.

New tool helps women detect pelvic floor disorders 22/11/2016

A team of clinicians and scientists have come up with an innovative device that could help with urine incontinence. It's effectively a fitness tracker for your pelvic floor.

Self-driving car hits the road in Tauranga 18/11/2016

Bay of Plenty drivers dubious about self-driving cars may be inclined to stay off the roads on Friday.

Silicon Valley thinktank heads to Christchurch 14/11/2016

A Silicon Valley-led summit kicking off in Christchurch on Monday is focusing on how to use evolving technology to solve the world's problems.

Snapchat 'Spectacles' make your eyes the camera 12/11/2016

Social media app Snapchat is expanding, with the release of a camera-embedded pair of sunglasses called Spectacles.

New battlefield software for Defence Force 08/11/2016

The NZ Defence Force is to start using battlefield management software after the Government approved an $11m deal with a Danish firm.

Surf Life Saving rips into safety project 02/11/2016

Mapping rips and currents this summer is about to get a whole lot easier with a new partnership between Surf Life Saving NZ and a local software company.

Colour-changing dress a fashion game-changer 01/11/2016

A new dress, which is being billed as a game-changer, can change its colour in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button.