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Illustrations of the two patents filed by Apple (Apple)

Apple testing iPhone-laptop hybrids 24/03/2017

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus not big enough for you? What if it was a laptop?


Solar-powered skin invented for prosthetic limbs 23/03/2017

Scientists have developed Graphene - a strong atom-thick material.

Kurt Eichenwald

Animated GIF a 'deadly weapon' - US jury 22/03/2017

A journalist was allegedly sent a strobing image in an attempt to cause an epileptic seizure.

Business people on an aeroplane

NZ won't join laptop ban for flights 22/03/2017

Both the US and UK have introduced restrictions on airlines because of a terrorism threat.

Getty iphone siri phone technology

Siri to blame for 'harrassing' calls to wife, man claims 22/03/2017

He says the calls may've been made after changing her name on his phone.

NZ First leader Winston Peters (Getty)

Winston Peters calls for 'ban' on Apple 21/03/2017

"Either you play the game or you don't have a market in our country," Winston Peters said.

More than 100 Kiwi start-ups took part in the 2016 survey (file)

Kiwi start-ups rely heavily on foreign cash 20/03/2017

New Zealand's local start-up ecosystem is estimated to be home to 400 to 600 tech firms.


How to protect kids without limiting screen time 15/03/2017

There are better ways to do it, says Ali Mau.


'Gross error in judgment' - NZ tech company admits racist error 15/03/2017

PB Technologies' March mailer showed the racist slur "Nigger Line" after an image link broke on their website.

Tinder app on phone

Tinder Select secretly launches 09/03/2017

The secret invite-only section is for the beautiful and influential single swipers.


Airbus is bringing the flying car dream to life 08/03/2017

Their new concept vehicle is self-driving, analyses traffic flows and flies through the air.


Let students use the internet in exams - expert 02/03/2017

Kids tell Sugata Mitra they don't understand why they can't use their phones in exams.


The best in new smartphones 27/02/2017

The world is excited at the return of the Nokia 3310 - but sadly Kiwis will miss out.

Stefan Sagmeister telling the joke at another talk at Columbia University in 2009.

'Obscene' sex joke at Wellington conference sparks uproar 19/02/2017

Many took to Twitter to voice their disgust.


NZ company creates real-life avatar 18/02/2017

Science fiction becomes fact for Kiwi technology trail blazers.


Opinion: Five times it's okay to dump them by app 15/02/2017

There's now an app called Dunzo which will call your partner and tell them you’re breaking up with them. It may seem cold, but there are 5 times in life when it's ok to do this.


Plan Bee: How drones could join forces with insects 10/02/2017

The technology could let bees do what they do best - make honey.


Apple actor labelled 'traitor' over switch to Huawei 02/02/2017

Actor Justin Long has switched advertising for Apple to tech rival Huawei.

Then-President-elect Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and Tim Cook (Getty)

Trump supporter's 'unusual' route to NZ citizenship 26/01/2017

Tech mogul Peter Thiel may have side-stepped normal procedures.


Passenger-carrying drone ready for liftoff 24/01/2017

The sky's the limit when it comes to flying vehicles.