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Mindreading man with a crazy tinfoil hat

The power of thought: From your brain onto Facebook

Facebook has revealed it has dozens of engineers working on mind-reading technology.


Snapchat unveils new World Lenses feature

The new 3D filters can be added to any scene, and are anchored to real-life objects.


Rubbish company makes shift to electric trucks

A company that collects your rubbish is leading the drive to electrify New Zealand's transport fleet.


Adorable robotic critter aims to be your newest companion

Its name is MiRo and its creators say it's smarter than the average pet.


Kiwi-made technology could cure cancer

And the scientists behind it say it's as simple as Lego.


Back from the 'dead': Return of the Tamagotchi

Remember that toy you had to constantly take care of?


What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV officially launches in the US… but what is it?


'Jedi' mind trick: The power of thought revealed

Aziz Al-Sa'afin moves a Star Wars BB-8 droid using just his mind.

Robot wife

Unlucky in love engineer makes his own robot bride

"Yingying" can identify Chinese characters, images, and even say a few words.

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 20:  A customer tries out the new Apple iPhone 5C smartphone at the Berlin Apple Store on the first day of sales on September 20, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The new iPhone 5S and 5C phones went on sale all over the world today and hundreds of customers waited outside the Berlin store in the rain to be among the first to buy the new phones starting at 8am.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Kiwis hit by attempted phone scam

Vodafone says don't answer any calls from international numbers you don't recognise.


Brexit memes and the Samsung S8 dominate the internet

Aziz takes a look at the biggest online trends of the day.


Samsung's new Galaxy S8: 8 reasons to salivate

The wraps are off Samsung's new flagship smartphone - and it's right to feel a little smug.


Postcard project saving the art of handwriting

Kiwi kids are being encouraged to put pen to paper in an age dominated by digital devices.


Paralysed man feeds himself using power of thought

A computer can read Bill Kochevar's thoughts and move muscles in his arm.

Illustrations of the two patents filed by Apple (Apple)

Apple testing iPhone-laptop hybrids

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus not big enough for you? What if it was a laptop?


Solar-powered skin invented for prosthetic limbs

Scientists have developed Graphene - a strong atom-thick material.

Kurt Eichenwald

Animated GIF a 'deadly weapon' - US jury

A journalist was allegedly sent a strobing image in an attempt to cause an epileptic seizure.

Business people on an aeroplane

NZ won't join laptop ban for flights

Both the US and UK have introduced restrictions on airlines because of a terrorism threat.

Getty iphone siri phone technology

Siri to blame for 'harrassing' calls to wife, man claims

He says the calls may've been made after changing her name on his phone.

NZ First leader Winston Peters (Getty)

Winston Peters calls for 'ban' on Apple

"Either you play the game or you don't have a market in our country," Winston Peters said.