Greenpeace activists convicted of trespass

  • 14/08/2015

The four Greenpeace protesters who scaled the walls of Parliament buildings have been convicted of trespass and are using their court appearance to repeat their climate change message.

Johno Smith, Jeff Harrison, Abi Smith and Verena Maeder appeared in Auckland District Court this morning, and were each convicted of one count of trespass after pleading guilty last month.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of three months in prison.

The group spent a day in June on a third floor ledge overlooking Parliament's forecourt, protesting the government's response to climate change.

In a statement released by Greenpeace today, Smith, one of the four climbers, said the government was still not taking climate change seriously.

"In seven years, John Key and his government haven't introduced one single piece of law to reduce climate pollution."

He cited the failure of state-owned coal company Solid Energy as a lost opportunity for adopting clean energy.

"Hundreds of people may now lose their jobs. If the government had instead backed our own clean energy industries, we could be looking at thousands of jobs being created."

The four will be sentenced at a later date.