Kiwis keen DIY baristas

  • 28/08/2015
New Zealanders take their coffee seriously
New Zealanders take their coffee seriously

Despite a celebrated dedication to coffee culture, Kiwis seem pretty happy to just make their own cup at home.

But a survey by consumer research group Canstar Blue has found even at home, New Zealanders take their coffee pretty seriously.

About 78 percent of those surveyed said they were pretty confident in their barista skills and 49 percent said they actually preferred coffee from their own machines to those from a cafe.

Saving money had definitely played a role in the move, the research found, especially in Dunedin where 23 percent of coffee-machine owners said they were drinking more than five cups a day and Wellington, where 28 percent said they got headaches when trying to cut down their intake.

The survey asked 612 people about their coffee-machine habits and preferences.