Peters offers voters the 'New Kiwi Deal'

  • 02/08/2015
NZ First leader Winston Peters (Getty)
NZ First leader Winston Peters (Getty)

NZ First leader Winston Peters is offering voters the "New Kiwi Deal" which he likens to the economic measures used to take the United States out of the Great Depression.

"The world is a different place now, and the economically deprived include thousands of exporters and farmers, and hundreds of thousands of workers and their families," he told delegates at his party's annual conference in Rotorua today.

"The most pressing issue is work and real wages - ignore the official figures, unemployment and underemployment are rife."

Mr Peters said the party's policy plan was based on exporting and wealth creation.

"We are going to change the Reserve Bank Act and our taxation system to give the economy a real chance, other small countries are doing it and so should we."

NZ First has campaigned on those policies in the past, and the only new one Mr Peters revealed was what he called the community wage.

He said it would be based on a combination of the unemployment benefit and the minimum wage, and would amount to a subsidy for paid work.

"We know local community leaders could name countless projects that would be started if the money was available," he said.

"Many people who have never worked or have been unemployed a long time, will now work and gain life skills."

He said community wage workers would be used on projects such as railway workers, insulating homes, planting trees and clearing polluted waterways.

"We will use the services of qualified tradespeople to supervise the work and provide the expertise required," he said.

Mr Peters didn't indicate whether it would be a voluntary programme.