Sex-with-student teacher keeps name secret

  • 25/08/2015
Sex-with-student teacher keeps name secret

A secondary school teacher with 20 years' experience who had sex with one of her students has won name suppression to protect the boy and her own children.

The teacher has been censured and her registration cancelled after the affair last year.

According to the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal decision, the teacher had sex with the Year 13 student she was tutoring five times, either at the unnamed school or at his home last year.

The pair had communicated via Facebook and messages showed she had offered him offered sexual rewards for completing teaching tasks.

The woman admitted she had been totally unprofessional but her father had recently died, she was in poor health, still looking after her own family and had problems with her head of department.

She admitted that when the student first kissed her it flattered her. He had told her he wanted to lose his virginity with someone he trusted and someone special.

Tribunal chairman Kenneth Johnston says the teacher was motivated by her own needs and she showed little genuine regard for the student.

There was no evidence she recognised how serious it was and the affair may have had profound detrimental consequences for the student, he said.

Last year the tribunal made its processes more open and warned teachers found guilty of serious misconduct would have to expect their names to be published.

However, Mr Johnston agreed with the teacher's lawyer the public interest in publishing her name was outweighed by those of the student and the teacher's own school-age children.