Stadium engineer to repay massive bill

  • 24/08/2015
Southland Stadium (Photo: Supplied)
Southland Stadium (Photo: Supplied)

The engineer who oversaw the building of Southland Stadium has been hit with a multi-million bill after being found mainly culpable for its roofing collapse.

Local engineer Tony Major will pay 90 percent of the $16.9 million judgment delivered today, after he was found by the High Court to be mostly at fault for the Southland Stadium roof collapse in 2010.

Invercargill City Council will also cough up $10,000 for their culpability after they were found to have 10 percent of the blame.

The $16.9 million judgment relates to the cost of repairing the roof by the stadium's trust.

Southland Stadium's operators began proceedings to recover the costs of rebuilding the roof, and the High Court at Christchurch delivered a verdict in their favour last Thursday.

If Mr Major is unable to pay his share the $16.9 million liability, the council's insurers RiskPool may be required to stump up the full amount.

Invercargill City Council chief executive Richard King said ratepayers had already paid the $10,000 excess, and due to the council's insurance would not be required to pay any more money.