Bosses hang from building for charity

  • 23/09/2015
Westpac Treasurer Jim Reardon (Twitter/Westpac)
Westpac Treasurer Jim Reardon (Twitter/Westpac)

By Boris Jancic

Corporate big-wigs spend most of their time in skyscrapers - but it's rare they find themselves dangling off the side of one.

But that's precisely what a group of daring bosses have done for charity.

A crowd gathered in Britomart on Wednesday as managers and executives from 19 of the country's biggest brands - including Sanitarium, Les Mills, the Breakers and NZ Post - abseiled their way down the Westpac building.

Their goal? Raising awareness for children's charity Foundation for Youth Development.

Kmart zone manager Jason Picard decided to add a bit of colour to his descent, wearing a 1960s Batman suit.

Admittedly, his drop wasn't quite as agile as the superhero himself would have managed.

But afterwards, still wearing the outfit, he told NZ Newswire he's going to sign up again for next year.

"Not exactly a usual day at the office," he grins.

The New Zealand Breakers' basketball player Dillon Boucher also took the plunge for the charity, his mum nervously waiting at the top of the building with him.

"When they said drop your boss off of a building, I thought it was great idea, thinking they meant my boss," he told NZ Newswire moments before going over the edge.

Co-founded by mountaineer and general adventurer Graeme Dingle, FYD provides a range of coaching, training and development programmes for school children all the way to finding them careers.

He said New Zealand historically had high youth offending rates and it was through addressing the issue a variety of ways - including working with businesses - that statistics had improved.