Company fined for Wellington worker's lost fingers

  • 03/09/2015
Company fined for Wellington worker's lost fingers

A Petone worker has won a $17,500 payout after his job cost him four fingers.

Importing and manufacturing company European Profile Company Limited was fined $24,375 and told to pay $17,500 in reparations in Hutt Valley District Court yesterday for failing to take all steps to keep a worker safe.

The staff member was in the company's Cuba St workshop in May last year, using a thicknesser to get a piece of wood to a certain thickness.

When the wood became jammed, he tried to pull it out from the other side, but his left hand slipped and four fingers were amputated.

WorkSafe New Zealand said there were a number of things the company could have done to keep the worker safe, including fitting the thicknesser with guards and training workers about what to do if wood became jammed.

Chief inspector Keith Stewart said there had been a number of recent workplace prosecutions in the manufacturing sector over life-changing injuries, many involving unguarded machinery.

"If you have machinery in your workplace, check it is as safe as it can be," he said.