Worker assaulted by boss wins $18k payout

  • 02/09/2015
Court (iStock)
Court (iStock)

A woman who dated her boss, broke up with him, and then lost her job when he assaulted her has won an $18,000 payout.

Carol Baker was dating Peter Maynard, the manager at Hauraki Rail Trail Limited, and scored a job at the start-up business in January 2012 thanks to their romantic relationship.

In June that year, Ms Baker decided to move out of their shared house and end their relationship, but continue working for Hauraki Rail Trail, a cycle trail on the Coromandel Peninsula and the Hauraki Plains.

On June 22, Mr Maynard assaulted Ms Baker at her house.

Ms Baker says after the assault - which Mr Maynard was found guilty of at trial - he told her she wouldn't have to see him again because she had lost her job.

But Mr Maynard didn't think the assault was the end of her employment - she was still getting paid, and Hauraki Rail Trail wrote to Ms Baker in an attempt to fix the employment issues.

In his judgment, Employment Relations Authority member James Crichton said the assault brought the employment to a "shuddering halt".

"The effect of the conduct of Mr Maynard on 22 June 2012 was such as to create the kind of environment where no right-thinking employee could reasonably be expected to continue in the employment," he said.

Mr Crichton said Ms Baker had been unjustifiably dismissed, and Hauraki Rail Trail unjustifiably disadvantaged her by failing to provide a safe work place.

He told the company to pay her $17,500 in compensation, and another $1750 in legal costs.