Mei Fan dangled by ankles off balcony, court told

  • 22/10/2015
Mei Fan (file)
Mei Fan (file)

Mei Fan accused the man on trial for murdering her of dangling her by the ankles from a fifth-storey balcony to scare her, a court has been told.

Michael Preston, 60, is on trial accused of murdering his Chinese-born wife on November 8, 2013 and breaching a protection order by assaulting her.

The Crown says he stabbed her 15 times in the neck at her Miramar flat after failing to get her deported so he could get sole custody of their two school-aged children.

In an affidavit read in the High Court at Wellington today by Family Court co-ordinator Roslyn Fraser, it detailed how Ms Fan was terrified of her estranged husband.

The affidavit accused Preston of dragging her to the balcony of their apartment in China in 2006 and dangling her by the ankles from five storeys up after an argument.

He said he was only trying to "scare her".

Ms Fraser also outlined details of the daily text messages and phonecalls in the lead-up to the protection and parenting orders filed in October 2012, about 13 months before she was killed.

Preston was accused of taking the children and forcing them into his car during an unannounced visit to the shop she worked at before trying to run Ms Fan over when she tried to stop him.

It also stated he visited her workplace four times, angrily yelling she had been in affair and was having sex with another man.

The trial continues.