Military, businesses condemned in cyber report

  • 28/10/2015

New Zealand's military and businesses have received a harsh score when it comes to cyber-security in a report from an Australian think-tank.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute's 2015 cyber maturity report ranks New Zealand sixth out of 20 Asia-Pacific countries, behind the United States, Australia and Japan, for its ability to deal with cyber-attacks.

But the report's authors describe New Zealand businesses as ill-prepared, giving the sector a six out of 10.

"New Zealand businesses are inadequately prepared to protect themselves from cyber threats and have no intention to invest further in cyber security," the report said.

"While the New Zealand government's efforts are notable, New Zealand's score in this category is reduced because there doesn't appear to be a good level of two-way dialogue between government and the private sector."

The military fares even worse, getting a five out of 10, because of a lack of clarity about its capacity to deal with cyber-attacks.

"It's unclear how the NZDF would contribute to a whole-of-government response, how it draws on the cyber security skills of the [National Cyber Security Centre] and the information security skills of the Government Communications Security Bureau," the report said.

Meanwhile, the report praises New Zealand's public awareness, governance and legislation on cyber issues, saying there is a "comprehensive suite of legislation" in place to deal with a variety of cyber issues.