Police bust cop impersonator

  • 09/10/2015
Police bust cop impersonator

A south Auckland man has been charged with impersonating a police officer, which he allegedly did to attract women.

The 26-year-old even told his partner he was a policeman but his ruse was busted when one night she rang a police station because she was worried about him, police say.

The man was to appear in Pukekohe District Court today.

Police were aware the man was allegedly posing as a policeman via information from Facebook but they were unable to track him down, says Sergeant Jeff Waldron.

The man's partner had been dropping him off at the police station each night, with the man saying he only worked night shifts and that officers were not allowed to take their uniforms home, he told NZ Newswire.

It was believed the man was posing as an officer to attract women, Sgt Waldron said.

However, one night when she couldn't contact him she rang the station to ask after him and police were then able to track him down.

Impersonating a police officer could attract 12 months' jail time, Sgt Waldron said.

"We are always going to take this seriously. It could potentially undermine public trust.

"Policing is a privilege and we all work hard to become police officers."

Police impersonators were not common but they did happen, he said.