Voting opens for favourite bird competition

  • 05/10/2015

Celebrities are set to champion their favourite native bird in the annual Forest & Bird competition.

The Bird of the Year contest starts today and more than 10,000 people usually vote before the event closes on October 25.

Fifty birds are fighting it out and the underlying goal is to raise awareness of New Zealand's native birds.

People make videos, run social media campaigns and design posters to promote their bird.

Kereru Brewing Company is getting behind the Kereru and proceeds from sales of its beer at certain venues are going to Forest & Bird for the month.

More than half of New Zealand's land birds are found nowhere else in the world and one-third of the world's seabirds spend a large part of their lives in New Zealand waters.

"Tragically, many of our birds are threatened," Kimberley Collins from Forest & Bird said. "Their habitats have been destroyed and introduced mammalian predators such as stoats, cats, possums and rats prey on eggs, young birds and adults."