Charles and Camilla's royal tour: Day 2

  • 05/11/2015
Te Whaea students perform a song and dance for Camilla (Reuters)
Te Whaea students perform a song and dance for Camilla (Reuters)

Hannah Grace has sung for rock royalty, but what she calls the biggest performance of her young career has been given the seal of royal approval by the Duchess of Cornwall.

The third-year Te Whaea student was offered the opportunity of a short solo, singing 'Pungawerewere' alongside around 50 of her classmates at the national performance school today.

But while Ms Grace has sung with American rock gods The Rolling Stones, she still rates a musical performance for Camilla as the highlight of her career.

"Performing to her royal highness was great," she told NZ Newswire.

"She's very real, also quite modest and patient. She seems like a patient woman.

"I sang with the Rolling Stones last, but this is definitely up there."

The 50-minute visit began with a mihi whakatau during which Ms Grace starred before moving through the costume construction workshop where the duchess was shown an array of work by students.

She quizzed pupils sewing the costumes about how long they took to make, and whether they were hand-sewn.

"I am sorry I am not going to see the end result," she said. "This is fantastic."

She also viewed a rehearsal of the Dance Studies graduation production of Paquita (Grand Pas), giving it an enthusiastic round of applause.

Prince Charles was visiting Tawa College in a separate engagement, before the royal couple fly south to Dunedin for a series of events.

Camilla was farewelled with another musical number, but not before a quick mingle and some photos with the students.